Aaron It Out: ’04 Quarter-Blahs

The quarterback class of 2004 has some problems, man. Well, other than the fact J.P. Losman is out of the league, I mean. Welcome to Aaron It Out, Week 6.

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Sprint Option: Week 5

So, coming at you on Tuesday because I was rendered physically ill by what I saw on the field in Gainesville on Saturday. Holy moly. I’ll save it for the write up, but everything is awful. Trust me, that doesn’t give anything away. Read on at your own peril.

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Bet the Board: Week 5

Happy Friday! I’ve got to start writing this thing on Wednesday nights. I had a much better week last week, going 6-4. As we head into the October games, we will now get to see teams separate themselves as more conference games get played. October is the best college football month, and we’ve got an interesting slate this weekend.

Let’s Bet the Board!

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