Aaron It Out: Jags 53-Man Roster

Hello readers! I hope you’re enjoying the vast nothingness of the Sports Dead Zone, the time when there’s no football news, hockey is over (even if it does take too long), basketball is over (even if we all know it’s gonna be Warriors-Cavs for the next few years), and pre-All Star baseball is the only form of sports sustenance to carry us through (Go Dodgers!).

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Aaron It Out: Merry Draft-mas

Happy Draft-mas Eve, everyone.  #DraftTwitter is absolutely blowing up with speculation.  Make sure you follow @aacameron1 for draft reaction tomorrow night, by the way.  I’ll be following it until it gets boring (so, mid-teens or so) and giving capsule reactions to the top 10 for sure, as well as the pick the Jaguars make.

Once Thursday is shuffled off into that great night for another year, and Draft Weekend is complete, I’ll have some analysis available early next week, in plenty of time for you to be completely tired of reading draft analysis.

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Aaron It Out: Schedule Shenanigans

Happy April!  Or, if you’re an NFL fan, happy not-much-of-a-news-cycle!

If you are a sports fan in general, it may be an exciting time – baseball just got started, NHL is going into the playoffs, and the NBA season is wrapping up.  But for the NFL crowd, it’s kind of a slog – there’s not much in the way of news, the mock drafts are piling up, baseball JUST GOT STARTED (please don’t start posting playoff standings, ESPN), the NHL is going into the playoffs (who cares?), and the NBA season is FINALLY wrapping up.

I kid.  Mostly.

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Ain’t Paid Nobody: Part I, The Problem

Now that football is over and we are comfortably distant from opening day, it’s time to get into my offseason project. I wrote the preamble a few weeks ago. I have embedded a navigation link at the bottom of this page. Given the complexity of this topic, embedding a table of contents seems the best way to organize the series. Without further ado, let’s talk about the problem.

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Aaron It Out: Post-Super-Bowl Void

So here we are, into the nebulous void of time where there isn’t much going on because the Combine got pushed back to right before Free Agency, and people are searching for things to write about.

One of those things that got written about was speculating where quarterbacks will land, done by one of the most prominent NFL writers, Peter King. In it, King projected landing spots for many QBs that are pending free agents or likely to be released in a few weeks. This was written, of course, a week after King spent a two-part article and a two-part podcast extolling the virtues of his man-crush, Tom Brady.

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Aaron It Out: Offseason’s Greetings

The Super Bowl is over, and while some will say it was one of the most exciting games in recent memory with a huge comeback (which it was), and it made history as one of the first quarterbacks in the league got five championships (two of them came from cheating but whatevs), and it was a giant choke-job from the Falcons (who apparently got in a time machine during halftime to bring out Browns-era Kyle Shanahan to coordinate the second half), I will say that it was better than last year’s game, but nothing special.
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A Super Aaron It Out

Ah, yes, the Super Bowl is here. Commercials, an insane halftime show that will hopefully be better than the yawn-inducing Coldplay performance from last year, and everyone outside of the BAWSTAHN area hoping that the Falcons can defeat the Patriots.

Also, there’s no more football for 6 months after Sunday. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Fortunately, there should be plenty of NFL stories to keep us all entertained until the addiction twitches subside and Professional Football Games are back on our televisions. To wit:

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