Sprint Option: Week 5

So, coming at you on Tuesday because I was rendered physically ill by what I saw on the field in Gainesville on Saturday. Holy moly. I’ll save it for the write up, but everything is awful. Trust me, that doesn’t give anything away. Read on at your own peril.

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Sprint Option: Labor Day Weekend

It’s here! It’s here!

College football has finally returned and with it, my primary reason for writing this blog. Thank the good Lord for college football.

First, I have been on vacation in the Cascades for the past week, so the first Bet the Board was regrettably delayed until week 2–I have had no service and the lines weren’t available on the games.

Second, I apologize for the dearth of articles over the summer. That’s squarely on me and due in no small part to the toxic conflation of politics with sports. As the editor, I lacked the desire to post anything for fear of my message getting hijacked by some stupid cause du jour. (It also didn’t help things that my Braves are terrible and our best baseball writer bailed to get drunk, teach college kids, and ramble about fiction–some of those things happen at different times.)

What I’m really saying is: blame Caleb, I’m not all that sorry, and screw your politics. College football is back! Let’s get to the Option!

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Aaron It Out: Post-Super-Bowl Void

So here we are, into the nebulous void of time where there isn’t much going on because the Combine got pushed back to right before Free Agency, and people are searching for things to write about.

One of those things that got written about was speculating where quarterbacks will land, done by one of the most prominent NFL writers, Peter King. In it, King projected landing spots for many QBs that are pending free agents or likely to be released in a few weeks. This was written, of course, a week after King spent a two-part article and a two-part podcast extolling the virtues of his man-crush, Tom Brady.

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Sprint Option: Fire the Committee (Into the Sun)

The table is set for the playoff and other bowl games. The four teams going are Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Washington. If this sounds familiar, it’s because you heard it last week. As you likely ascertained from the title, I am irritated by the result. Now, I promise that I will adhere to logic here; and I will hold out as long as I can. But, today, I write angry. 

That said, let’s get to the Option.

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Sprint Option: #HateWeek

Well, thank God that’s over. 

I have mixed feelings. On one hand, nothing happened that was too unpredictable. On the other, nothing happened that was too unpredictable. I’m talking in circles. Rivalry weekend spat out little in the way of clarifying the disaster that will eventually befall the playoff committee–I’m anticipating writing a piece about firing them all into the sun when they put Ohio State in over Washington.

I digress. Shall we get to it? 


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Sprint Option: Week 9

Another week is in the books and we are finally staring down the first college football playoff rankings. Notwithstanding the fact that these rankings have been anchored by the absurd preseason polls, they give us the clearest road map to the January games. A lot of undefeated teams saw their perfect season dissolve–many more flirted with disaster. It’s November and we’re now in the home stretch. Where in the world did the fall go?

Let’s get to the option. 
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Sprint Option: Week 6

So, we successfully weathered the hurricane with fair-to-middling damage; it could have been significantly worse. I’m thankful for last minute NNW corrections of category 4 storms. Another miracle was the fact that I was able to watch a full slate of games on Saturday (and Sunday if you count UGA/SC). Here are my thoughts coming off this damp weekend.

To the Option, James! And don’t spare the horses!

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ESPN’s Failed Narrative: Does Anyone Actually Hate Cam Newton?

The Super Bowl is set. The Pro Bowl is here (yay?) and the so-called worldwide leader in sports is scrambling to find ways to pack content into their 24 hour Embrace Debate lineup in what is arguably the thinnest time of year for sports. College football has ended. Professional football has fewer teams playing each week. The NBA has until June and half the league makes the playoffs, and college basketball is mostly unwatchable. There’s almost nothing worth talking about.

That is, if you don’t have a spin machine and an agenda. 

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