Aaron It Out: Division Isn’t My Strong Suit

The postseason is a wonderful time of year, full of change for bad teams, hope for successful ones, and good football for everyone watching. Welcome to the divisional edition of Aaron It Out.

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Aaron It Out: Divisional Round

Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone were officially introduced on Thursday as the new Executive Vice President of Football Operations and Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, respectively, and I am officially excited. When the news was first announced, and Mike Smith was also in the running for coach, I wasn’t sure what to think. But from all indications, especially after this press conference, you can see that the culture around the Jaguars is going to change. Gus Bradley was brought in to sort of shepherd the rebuild but for whatever reason, he couldn’t push the players up and over the hill. The combination of Coughlin and Marrone definitely will.

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ESPN’s Failed Narrative: Does Anyone Actually Hate Cam Newton?

The Super Bowl is set. The Pro Bowl is here (yay?) and the so-called worldwide leader in sports is scrambling to find ways to pack content into their 24 hour Embrace Debate lineup in what is arguably the thinnest time of year for sports. College football has ended. Professional football has fewer teams playing each week. The NBA has until June and half the league makes the playoffs, and college basketball is mostly unwatchable. There’s almost nothing worth talking about.

That is, if you don’t have a spin machine and an agenda. 

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Bench Points Summer Workouts: Instant Replay

Back after a layoff! Sorry for the delay. 

For this week’s serial post, I’ve decided to address the rules and circumstances surrounding instant replay in both college and professional football. I hope to show the difference between reviewable and unreviewable and maybe make you realize how much that loud mouth yelling “Challenge it!” needs to just sit down because he is embarrassing himself and his children. 

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The Bumbling Idiocy of Roger Goodell

Let me start by saying that I have been a huge supporter of Roger Goodell. I lauded the Personal Conduct Policy when it was announced as I saw it as the future of sports leagues. I believed the league taking responsibility for player discipline was a good thing and that it provided the much needed stopgap between the punishments of the legal system and the impact of player behavior on the game. It might still be; but with the haphazard management of discipline under the PCP by Goodell, it’s hard to see it as anything but a colossal failure. The PCP should not be thrown out with the bath water that is Roger Goodell, but his recent actions make it seem like there is no choice but to hit reset on all of this. 

What the hell is Goodell doing?

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