Riding the Pine: NFL Draft Preview, Part II: The Wrath of Khan

Part II. Don’t I get any points for the Wrath of Khan reference about the Jags owner? No? Ok.

Brian and the guys finish breaking down the draft ahead of the main event this week. Again, the quality is not the best. We apologize for the bootleg feel, but we were having issues with the file and this is the best we could do. We opted for content distribution over cleaning it up in post. Sorry about that. The next ones will be more polished.


Riding the Pine 4/4/16: Tournament Championship Expectations, Reaction to NCAA Tournament, NBA Playoffs Rundown, and MLB Dead Last Division Predictions

The guys give their reactions to the NCAA tournament and Gavin goes on tangents about Doug Somebody, a mythical official. They go on about college basketball, coming out of the doldrums of sports, and facing down the NBA playoffs. Finally, each of them talks about their picks for worst in the division come October. Lots of good stuff this week. Thanks, as always, for listening!

Riding the Pine: Brian on Location, Sparty No-Shows Harder than Bueller

Today, Brian and his Vegas compadres talk late round 1 games and what Sparty’s loss means to brackets. This will serve as a great wrap up to get you ready for all the round 2 action. Bracket busted? Ours too. Check out the podcast for commiseration from Vegas, where the sadness is somehow more palpable.

We appreciate Brian being in Vegas for us during this and making the sacrifice. You know…the one that requires him to watch as much basketball as possible and talk about it with his buddies. Life is hard. Be sure to check out the blog http://www.benchpointsblog.com and follow us on Twitter, @BenchPointsBlog. Thanks as always for listening and reading!

Riding the Pine: Double Barreled March Madness Pod, Brian on location in Vegas

Brian and crew are on location in Vegas for the opening weekend in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Brian sits down and previews the tourney (sorry, I’m late uploading that piece) and then goes on to talk about day 1. We chunked them together because they’re short and so we can get up to speed. Expect more from Brian cutting loose in Vegas as the weekend goes on. Thank you for listening and be sure to check out the blog, http://www.benchpointsblog.com. Please follow us on Twitter @BenchPointsBlog and find us on Facebook. All these podcasts can be found on Stitcher and iTunes.

Riding the Pine: NFL Offseason, Caleb’s Fictional Plumber, and March Madness

In today’s episode, I forget how to work recording software. Brian and I regale you with tales of March Madness, the NFL offseason, and the handyman Caleb made up so that he could go to the UNF Men’s Basketball game. #SWOOP Apologies are in order for the audio quality. I had to boost Brian’s voice for the first 10 minutes or so, and the high mic gain picked up a lot of stuff. Sorry about that! Thank you as always for listening. Follow us on Twitter (@BenchPointsBlog) and check out http://www.benchpointsblog.com

Riding the Pine: NBA Trade Deadline Roundtable

Today, in a brinksmanship edition of Riding the Pine, we discuss the NBA trade deadline (which is tomorrow), draft situations, and the a school for GMs? Not to worry, apparently Brian and Caleb are going to start this school to train team executives. Definitely no holes in that theory… Lots of good info in today’s cast. Make sure to subscribe on Stitcher and iTunes and give us a follow on Twitter @BenchPointsBlog. Thanks for listening!

Riding the Pine: Peyton’s storybook ending, Cam the cowardly Panther, and Eli’s face

In today’s episode, Caleb and Gavin talk Super Bowl story lines-Peyton, Cam, Eli’s face. The discussion takes a more serious turn at points as the guys touch upon CTE, specifically the notion of early retirement for athletes, and the NFL’s domestic violence problem. We’ve got the podcast on Stitcher and iTunes for ease of listening. Check out the blog http://www.benchpointsblog.com and follow us on Twitter @BenchPointsBlog. Thanks for listening!

Riding the Pine: Super Bowl Special

In a special featured podcast, Brian sits down with Russell, the biggest Carolina Panthers fan he could find to talk about the Super Bowl and the storylines going into the game. Brian, our resident Broncos homer, was actually forced to have a dialog with an opposing fan as opposed to summarily concluding that Peyton is the greatest person in the history of ever. Listen to find out how he did.

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