Aaron It Out: Post-Super-Bowl Void

So here we are, into the nebulous void of time where there isn’t much going on because the Combine got pushed back to right before Free Agency, and people are searching for things to write about.

One of those things that got written about was speculating where quarterbacks will land, done by one of the most prominent NFL writers, Peter King. In it, King projected landing spots for many QBs that are pending free agents or likely to be released in a few weeks. This was written, of course, a week after King spent a two-part article and a two-part podcast extolling the virtues of his man-crush, Tom Brady.

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Aaron It Out: Offseason’s Greetings

The Super Bowl is over, and while some will say it was one of the most exciting games in recent memory with a huge comeback (which it was), and it made history as one of the first quarterbacks in the league got five championships (two of them came from cheating but whatevs), and it was a giant choke-job from the Falcons (who apparently got in a time machine during halftime to bring out Browns-era Kyle Shanahan to coordinate the second half), I will say that it was better than last year’s game, but nothing special.
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A Super Aaron It Out

Ah, yes, the Super Bowl is here. Commercials, an insane halftime show that will hopefully be better than the yawn-inducing Coldplay performance from last year, and everyone outside of the BAWSTAHN area hoping that the Falcons can defeat the Patriots.

Also, there’s no more football for 6 months after Sunday. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Fortunately, there should be plenty of NFL stories to keep us all entertained until the addiction twitches subside and Professional Football Games are back on our televisions. To wit:

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Aaron It Out: Divisional Round

Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone were officially introduced on Thursday as the new Executive Vice President of Football Operations and Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, respectively, and I am officially excited. When the news was first announced, and Mike Smith was also in the running for coach, I wasn’t sure what to think. But from all indications, especially after this press conference, you can see that the culture around the Jaguars is going to change. Gus Bradley was brought in to sort of shepherd the rebuild but for whatever reason, he couldn’t push the players up and over the hill. The combination of Coughlin and Marrone definitely will.

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Aaron It Out: Week 12

It is a time to be thankful.

Personally, I’m thankful for my family, my friends, my career, and my hobbies. I’m thankful to Gavin for giving me this opportunity and I’m thankful to you readers, whoever you may be, for reading my column every week. It’s a labor of love, a work in progress, and I hope to continue it on far into the future.

I hope that you are able to spend some time with your loved ones, take a well-deserved break, and enjoy Thanksgiving this year. I also hope you don’t mind the truncated introduction – it’s a short week for me. Thanks again for reading, and I hope you are as excited as I am for a weekend of overeating and great football, both on the pro and college levels.
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Aaron It Out: Week 11

The question is an easy one. The answer, not so much. It permeates the atmosphere of Jacksonville, Florida, and makes its way down to about Orlando or so, and up to Savannah, and over to Tallahassee. The question is: How do you fix the Jaguars?It’s not just one thing. No, it’s not just Head Coach Gus Bradley. It’s not just Blake Bortles. It’s not just the play calling, or the defense whiffing on plays. The defense is actually pretty good; the offense is a train wreck. Gus Bradley is living in some sort of fantasy world. It’s a multitude of things and they all need to be addressed.  

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Aaron It Out: Week 10

[Aaron got this to me on November 9th. I have been looking for a time to post it when it wouldn’t get lost in the post-election furor. Unfortunately, that didn’t really happen and now we have games beginning. It starts with me. We’re gonna take a look at the film and try to get better next week. -Editor]

The NFC East is back. Absolutely considered one of the worst divisions in the NFL recently, mostly because of lackluster Cowboys and Redskins teams, I think the NFC East is back to being the best division in football–for now. Can you find any division that has four legitimate playoff contenders? I could see three of the four NFC East teams being in the playoffs this season. Will it shake out that way? I’m not sure, but the only other contender I can see that has a ton of talent is the AFC West – but the schizophrenic nature of the Chargers makes that a hard point to make. The East has its veteran, Super Bowl winning QB, and three younger guns at the helm of its other teams. Those young teams are somewhat hot but the Giants stepped up and came out of their bye with a decisive win against the Eagles last week. The excellent week 1 Cowboys-Giants game remains the only loss on Dak Prescott’s resume at this time, but look to that Week 14 rematch to see who may come out on top. The G-Men are very quietly 5-3 and their next three games look very winnable. The Cowboys only have one loss right now, and that is fine because they are playing lights-out… can it continue? As we enter into double digit weeks of the NFL season, let’s take a quick look at the rest of the league.
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