Aaron It Out: Division Isn’t My Strong Suit

The postseason is a wonderful time of year, full of change for bad teams, hope for successful ones, and good football for everyone watching. Welcome to the divisional edition of Aaron It Out.

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Aaron It Out: Divisional Round

Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone were officially introduced on Thursday as the new Executive Vice President of Football Operations and Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, respectively, and I am officially excited. When the news was first announced, and Mike Smith was also in the running for coach, I wasn’t sure what to think. But from all indications, especially after this press conference, you can see that the culture around the Jaguars is going to change. Gus Bradley was brought in to sort of shepherd the rebuild but for whatever reason, he couldn’t push the players up and over the hill. The combination of Coughlin and Marrone definitely will.

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Aaron It Out: Week 5

The first month of the 2016 NFL Season is, sadly, over. But it included a lot of drama, plenty of surprises, and reminded us that, in the NFL, we need to remember to expect the unexpected. The Super Bowl Champions almost always suffer from that dreaded Super Bowl Hangover, but the Broncos are having none of it. Your favorite team may have broken your heart when their starting quarterback shredded his knee, but against all odds, the team is 4-0 with a guy that was acquired less than a week before the season started. The greatest team in the entire state of Florida may have frustrated you for three weeks, but somehow, someway, with great young defensive players, they FINALLY won a game. Editor’s Note: I’m not sure Aaron knows what ‘greatest’ means. 
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