A Super Aaron It Out

Ah, yes, the Super Bowl is here. Commercials, an insane halftime show that will hopefully be better than the yawn-inducing Coldplay performance from last year, and everyone outside of the BAWSTAHN area hoping that the Falcons can defeat the Patriots. Also, there’s no more football for 6 months after Sunday. I’m not sure how I…

Aaron It Out: Rise Up or Be Deflated

Oh, how interesting, the Patriots are in another Super Bowl. The ridiculous narrative will be how, in the face of admitted cheating and having served a suspension the first four games of this season, Tom Brady is ready to stick it to Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL. It sells both teams short.

Aaron It Out: Weeks 16 and 17

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Welcome to the final regular-season edition of Aaron It Out. This week you’re getting a super-sized version of NFL opinions, previews, and picks because like many people, I’m going on vacation. I’ll be back shortly before the Wild Card playoffs begin. Let’s get to it…

Aaron It Out: Week 14

The holidays are here, Gavin can’t make fun of me for getting into the Christmas spirit too early anymore, and it’s time for a themed column! Which already has a theme because I write about the NFL anyway! Oh, whatever, here is Aaron’s NFL Christmas Wish List!