Bet the Board: Kickoff Weekend

Well, ladies and gentlemen it’s finally here. I’ve been basically non-existent outside of football season and it was tough to keep motivated going into the spring (and definitely the summer) doldrums. But, football season is back and I am relieved. As is typical with opening weekends, the games are either major or cupcake squashing contests. But, it’s a good way to get back into it.

Let’s bet the board!

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Bet the Board: Gales of November

Good morning, everyone and happy game day. I’ve decided that I can’t get this written towards the end of the week and have it up in time for you to enjoy it. So, instead of using Bovada odds and waiting until Wednesday, I will be using earlier lines to write this preview. Ideally, I would get this up Thursday, but that’s when Aaron runs his NFL column and I don’t want to move it. Instead, like any good delegator, I will delegate blame to Aaron for disrupting the flow of college football goodness from the blog. Thanks a lot, Aaron!

Let’s Bet the Board!

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Sprint Option: Bye Bye, Jimmy

Welp. That went about how I expected. Georgia -14 was the easiest spread I’ve picked this season. Holy moly. Let’s get right to it. This week we see the first playoff rankings. That means we get to dial up the bitching about how so-and-so “ain’t played nobody, Paul!” The option this week will be breaking down Florida. Fair warning. I’ll be following up with a rankings post later in the week.

Let’s go.

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Bet the Board: Week 7

Apologies to all, I have had several developments of the non-blog kind come up in the past few weeks, and they have taken precedence over keeping the weekly articles rolling. Special thanks to Aaron for being the consummate professional and keeping up the weekly NFL write-up. Maybe the managing editor can take a card or two from that deck. Anyway. I suck. I’ll try harder. Let’s Bet the Board. Continue reading “Bet the Board: Week 7”

Bet the Board: Week 5

Happy Friday! I’ve got to start writing this thing on Wednesday nights. I had a much better week last week, going 6-4. As we head into the October games, we will now get to see teams separate themselves as more conference games get played. October is the best college football month, and we’ve got an interesting slate this weekend.

Let’s Bet the Board!

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