PREVIEW: NHL Western Conference Semi-Finals

I’d like to preface this post with something, I’m really bad at picking hockey series. Among my first round picks, I had the Capitals (check), the Rangers (nope), the Panthers (nope), the Lightning (check), the Stars (check), the Blackhawks (nope), the Ducks (nope), and the Kings (nope). That’s 3-for-8, less than 50%. If I’m grading a student’s work, and this is how well they did, I’d give them the raised eyebrow look of disappointment and suggest they come by after school to clear things up. Continue reading “PREVIEW: NHL Western Conference Semi-Finals”


PREVIEW: NHL Eastern Conference Semi-Finals

You may have noticed that we skipped the first round of the playoffs, not just in the NHL, but the NBA as well. I don’t think either needs to limit the number of teams that make the post-season, especially when so much revenue is generated for the lesser teams, but there is something to be said about the competitive nature of the first round. While the Blackhawks and Blues proved to be an incredible series, losing in the first round just isn’t nearly as devastating. The second round is when teams get that first taste of success, and as a result, possibility. So let’s discuss what’s to come in round two of the NHL playoffs. Continue reading “PREVIEW: NHL Eastern Conference Semi-Finals”

Kobe or Warriors? A Quick Debate

Tonight, NBA History will be present and active between two different teams playing in two different games at the same time.

Kobe Bryant, five-time NBA champion, the third-highest all-time scorer, will play the final game of his NBA career against Utah Jazz at 10:30 Eastern.

The Golden State Warriors, defending NBA Champions will be playing the Memphis Grizzlies at the same time, going for their 73rd win, which would be the most by a team in the regular season in NBA History.

So. Who do you watch? Let’s break it down. Continue reading “Kobe or Warriors? A Quick Debate”

STRETCH SIX: The All-Important Loss

I’m pretty sure DMX’s “Up In Here” was playing in the bar on Saturday night. I’d just left Gavin’s house (aka the unofficial Bench Points holiday party), and my fiancée decided we should go dance, so we did. It started to feel a little like déjà vu , because the last time I was at the bar dancing, I took a break to watch Andre Iguodala hit a double clutch three and Brook Lopez miss a disgustingly easy put back. Continue reading “STRETCH SIX: The All-Important Loss”


What I love about the NBA is how week-to-week, the dynamics of a team can change drastically. This season is so good that despite the Warriors’ and Spurs’ dominance at the top, there is very little room for error if you’re trying to claim a playoff spot. We’re a quarter of the way through the season, and much has changed in our power rankings.  Continue reading “NBA POWER RANKINGS and TRADE MACHINE GONE MAD: Week 6”


I’m a day late, but between Monday Football, and knowing the Wizards were playing the Heat, I wanted to wait another day before reassessing the team. I was hoping I could turn this into a dual DC Sports Win! sort of thing. But, no. Desean Jackson is the f***ing worst and my hopes and dreams were crushed.

Let’s move on.

Since we last evaluated the Wizards, the team has been all over the place. Continue reading “HOUSE OF ZARDS: TINY BALL AND SUPER WALL”


Our NBA Power Rankings are back and I’m not nearly as excited as I should be. Truthfully, this is actually a really interesting process, and I love seeing which teams rise and fall this week, but every week now my Wizards have gotten worse and worse and there’s a serious cultural element missing from the locker room currently (Paul Pierce?). But we’ll save that for Monday’s column. Continue reading “NBA POWER RANKINGS AND TRADE MACHINE GONE MAD: Week 5”

STRETCH SIX: Why do I root for the Clippers?

Welcome to my new bi-weekly column, Stretch Six, where I take a break from the Wizards and look at the rest of the NBA as a whole.

I almost dedicated this first piece to Kobe’s retirement, but the truth is, the announcement comes to the surprise of no one and he still has sixty-six games until his season is over. Instead I prefer to look at his intra-city rival, the Los Angeles Clippers, because in the end, they are infinitely more interesting than this mess of a Lakers team. We can talk about Kobe when he’s actually gone.

I bring up the Clippers because they are off to a disappointing start considering the expectations, and for whatever reason, nobody seems to like them. Continue reading “STRETCH SIX: Why do I root for the Clippers?”


These last two weeks of Wizards basketball have been weird. Only two games again for the Wizards, which means they’ve now played the least amount of games of any NBA team up to this point. It’s nice to know that they will be well-rested against the competition, and that Bradley Beal didn’t really miss all that much time, but something tells me we need a few games to polish this rotation. Tomorrow the Wizards start a stretch of nine games in two weeks, a stretch that begins with red-hot Indiana and ends with Eastern Conference favorite Cleveland.

So what can the Wizards do to prepare for this? Continue reading “HOUSE OF ZARDS: BENCH POINTS!!”

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