The Aaron It Out Mock Draft 2.0

The Jags just had to go and completely invalidate my pick, didn’t they?

(They did it for everyone else, too.)

Everyone’s going OL or DL for their Jaguars draft predictions now but I’m going to stick to my gut. The last few years have been slightly unorthodox, including last year, and while the defense is important unless one of the top two or three pass rushers make it down to the Jags, I see them improving their offensive weaponry.

The rest of it’s kind of a crapshoot to be honest. You’ve seen other, better thinkpieces and I’m not trying to offer that here. If you want a deep dive, go to the Athletic or something. Let’s dive in.


Kyler Murray is going to the Cardinals, probably. That pick will set the tone for this draft. I’m also going with what has been widely predicted: the Cards will then trade Josh Rosen to the Redskins. Let’s say that’s for a 2nd-rounder which doesn’t come into play here; here are the results. Nick Bosa goes as expected, but I see the Jets swinging for a solid OT to give them line continuity, allowing Josh Allen to go to the Raiders. The Giants need to replace Odell Beckham, and DK Metcalf gives instant-impact play to Eli Manning.


The Jaguars go tight end here, which may be a risk but last year’s Taven Bryan pick showed the Jags are willing to do the unexpected. Drew Lock is the next QB to go, this time to the Broncos, and then we close out this section with the Packers trying to add pieces to their line and keep Aaron Rodgers upright.


A lot of people see Miami wanting to go QB, but I think that Brian Burns, if he falls this far, is a good choice for them to build around. The Giants use their other pick on a solid OT from Alabama, to give them consistency up front.


Four of these six picks are DBs, which I think is important for each team. Pittsburgh fills the hole left by Antonio Brown, and Baltimore adds another speedy option back to complement and assist new QB Lamar Jackson.


No surprises here, as the Eagles and Colts add defensive help, the Raiders pick up a solid tight end, the Chargers add another receiver for Rivers to throw to, the Chiefs get some much-needed pass rush help, and the Packers bolster their backfield.


With contracts coming up or expiring at DB, the Rams make a future move, and then the Patriots may finally take their QB of the future with the last pick of the first round.

But they might trade back.

Who knows?


Let’s all meet back here in a couple of weeks so you can see how wrong I was, okay?


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