The Aaron It Out Mock Draft 1.0

Oh, it’s been an interesting off-season! Where will Bell go, what team will AB be traded to, who is gonna get tagged, who will be franchise tagged? Questions abound.

In a little over a week from the posting of this article, the new NFL year will begin and free agency will get started. Despite the “Foles will go to Jacksonville!” narrative that popped up over this past weekend we’re operating under the assumption that it won’t happen. A lot of things will change over the next few weeks especially with free agency starting, so of course we’ll post a mock draft version 2 as we get closer to the real thing.

Let’s go!


The first six picks seem to be pretty self-explanatory. I totally think that the Cardinals are all-in on Kyler Murray and will move away from Josh Rosen here in a few days. I also think that picks 2-5 make sense; sure it’s not pretty but each of these teams has a need for these players. The biggest wrinkle I can think of right now is the Giants wanting to find someone who can truly take pressure off of OBJ and create matchup problems as they continue to retool their offense, whether Eli or whoever is at quarterback. Metcalf seems to be the top WR in this class, and makes sense.


The Jaguars are drafting Haskins, and I’ll believe it until they don’t. I think they might even do that despite potentially signing Nick Foles. Denver picks Drew Lock WAY too high, and I think that Cincy moves for a QB to push Andy Dalton (I think Cincy is a dark horse in the Foles competition as well). Finally, new Packers coach Matt LaFleur might have Aaron Rodgers, but he saw great success in Tennessee feeding the ball to a punishing, big running back from Alabama – all things that Joshua Jacobs is.


In my opinion the Dolphins will have already made a move at QB by the draft. They will probably cut Tannehill, sign Keenum or Bridgewater, and either sign or trade for Bortles to back him up. The new coach there is defensive-minded and would likely love to get a nice edge rusher to mess up Tom Brady. I thought about the Redskins taking a QB here but they will probably trade for Rosen, and they need a solid WR that comes in the form of Harry. Cleveland could pair Greedy with last year’s first-round pick Denzel Ward and have a cheap, nasty cornerback duo on cheap contracts for a few years.


A little less interesting here – I think Pittsburgh continues to search for their next Polamalu by adding Bush, Seattle enhances that run game with another solid tackle, and the Ravens add another weapon for Lamar Jackson. Houston let Tyrann Mathieu walk and grab his replacement, and Oakland beefs up their secondary.


Two WRs in a row as the Colts and Raiders both add new weapons, including one of Clemson’s top ball-catchers from the past few years. I like DeAndre Baker for the Chiefs because their secondary got burned more than once last year, and for the Packers’ other first-round pick I see them going tight end as they moved away from Marcedes Lewis and have a definite need at the position.

You’re gonna find this interesting…


Does Bill Belichick draft either the successor to TAHMMY or another player to flip for more picks down the road? I think so, and don’t worry about Will Grier. I think that the Raiders will probably grab him to give Derek Carr some competition at the top of the next round, and the Jaguars have the ammo if they want to move up in the second round here to pick up TJ Hockensen and give Haskins another offensive weapon to throw to.

Love it? Hate it? Feel like it should have come out several weeks ago and is now lost in a sea of anonymity with other drafts written by guys with larger followings? Let me know! Leave a comment or shoot me a tweet! See you next time!


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