Aaron It Out: Weeks 16-17: Kith and Kin

Ah, yes, the Christmas Special Aaron It Out!

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday and a safe New Year, and that you enjoy some football!

Oh yeah: highly recommend “The Christmas Chronicles” on Netflix. Especially if you have kiddos. It’s a new Christmas movie starring Kurt Russell and it is a lot of fun.

On to football things…

This is being written on the Monday after the Jaguars gave up a stinker to the Redskins. Change obviously needs to happen in Jacksonville. Personally I think the entire coaching staff is in for a shakeup, as well as the front office; I think Tom Coughlin comes back just because Khan will want to give him a chance to build the team “his way” and not saddle the next coach with previous years’ assistants. What would I love to see? GM Reggie McKenzie, Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury, and Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio. Am I crazy? Probably.

I won’t get into the players, because every one of them is mad in some way about how this season has gone – you go in expecting Super Bowl, and end up with a losing record and see Gus Bradley flashbacks. But I think the last home game has occurred for Donte Moncrief, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, Blake Bortles, Carlos Hyde, Malik Jackson, Tashaun Gipson, Jermey Parnell, AJ Cann, and maybe even Marcell Dareus.

Change is coming at the quarterback position and the Jags better get it right. The last time Coughlin helped draft a quarterback he fell into a situation where he could have gotten one of three future Hall of Famers, and wound up with Eli Manning who led his teams to two Super Bowl victories over the Patriots dynasty. Not too shabby; I’d certainly take that in Jacksonville. But look for the Jaguars to draft Haskins from Ohio State or Grier from West Virginia, and then employ a veteran to back him up. Who? Here’s a controversial one for you: Shad Khan, the only minority owner in the NFL, should advocate the signing of Colin Kaepernick. He will come in and compete and try to make the new QB better. Do you really think that Joe Flacco, Derek Carr, or Tyrod Taylor want to come in and let yet another young QB steal their job? Just something to think about.

Okay, let’s do this: we’ll do one final regular-season top five, then the picks for weeks 16 and 17, and then I’ll close with some horribly wrong playoff predictions.

1. Saints
2. Chiefs
3. Chargers
4. Rams
5. Colts


REDSKINS @ TITANS – Remember how the Redskins were good against the Jags? They won’t be here.

WSH 9 TEN 20

RAVENS @ CHARGERS – The Lamar Jackson spaceship crashes back to Earth. It’s okay, he’s gonna be good for years to come.

BAL 17 LAC 25

BUCS @ COWBOYS – No chance for the Bucs. Dallas needs their groove back. Bye, Dirk.

TB 9 DAL 20

VIKINGS @ LIONS – Minnesota’s making a playoff push. Detroit just wants to get everything over with.

MIN 30 DET 17

FALCONS @ PANTHERS – Both of these teams need to readjust for next year.

ATL 12 CAR 19

TEXANS @ EAGLES – Philly’s surprising people, but I don’t think they can take down Deshawn.

HOU 15 PHI 7

GIANTS @ COLTS – Giants trying to stay in the playoff picture; Indy’s trying not to be embarassed again. The Colts will try hardest.

NYG 7 IND 24

BENGALS @ BROWNS – Can Baker Mayfield cause Hue Jackson to lose two jobs in one season? (Spoiler alert: yes.)

CIN 10 CLE 20

BILLS @ PATRIOTS – New England not quite as scary… unless you’re in their division.

BUF 12 NE 21

PACKERS @ JETS – Honestly, will anyone watch this?

GB 14 NYJ 10

JAGUARS @ DOLPHINS – One of these teams is playing to keep their playoff hopes alive. The other one is starting Cody Kessler.

JAX 9 MIA 19

BEARS @ 49ERS – Surprising San Francisco will be good next year, if Jimmy comes back healthy. This year, they’re playing that Chicago D.

CHI 21 SF 6

RAMS @ CARDINALS – Nothing soothes the ache of a loss like a gimme against the Cardinals.

LAR 30 ARI 14

STEELERS @ SAINTS – The Steelers are trying to show that they’re capable of winning it all. The problem is, their defense won’t be able to stop the Saints’ offense.

PIT 21 NO 28

CHIEFS @ SEAHAWKS – This may be a must-win for both of these teams, but only one can win it. I think the Chiefs peaked too early and I’ll do a rare pick of Seattle.

KC 19 SEA 24

BRONCOS @ RAIDERS – The AFC West has two contenders and two pretenders, and the latter two happen to play each other on Monday.

DEN 17 OAK 7

RAIDERS @ CHIEFS – If you ain’t first, you’re last. The Chiefs will pick up a W but their record will relegate them to the Wild Card spot.

OAK 10 KC 21

DOLPHINS @ BILLS – Can this one be all-throwback? It would look better than the play people will see on the field. Miami squeaks by but misses the playoffs.

MIA 17 BUF 10

COLTS @ TITANS – The Titans have had a good season; the Colts have had a better one. Indianapolis wins and takes the sixth seed.

IND 17 TEN 10

BEARS @ VIKINGS – Minnesota fights this one hard, and Chicago with a playoff spot locked rests its starters. Vikes wind up in the postseason with a W.

CHI 17 MIN 20

BROWNS @ RAVENS – The Browns end their storybook season on a high note, even if they don’t make the playoffs. In my opinion, this matchup should be flexed into the last Sunday Night Football spot. Jackson vs. Mayfield is too compelling of TV to not give to a national audience.

CLE 24 BAL 17

LIONS @ PACKERS – Both of these teams are tapping out at this point.

DET 12 GB 17

JETS @ PATRIOTS – The Patriots win their division, for whatever that’s worth.

NYJ 10 NE 21

PANTHERS @ SAINTS – The Saints have me thinking they will roll to the Super Bowl. The Panthers have me thinking they need to do a lot of thinking.

CAR 17 NO 30

JAGUARS @ TEXANS – Will the Jaguars surprise the Texans? Sure, they’ll probably surprise them at how many times the sieve also known as the Jags’ o-line will allow sacks of whoever is playing QB.

JAX 10 HOU 20

COWBOYS @ GIANTS – I think the Giants will pull an upset here and plop Dallas into the 4th seed. Still, not bad if you’re Dallas.

DAL 20 NYG 24

EAGLES @ REDSKINS – The Redskins’ backup backup backup QB is not enough to beat the Eagles’ backup QB.

PHI 20 WSH 10


ATL 12 TB 12

BENGALS @ STEELERS – Good night, Marvin Lewis. Take care of yourself.

CIN 17 PIT 30

CARDINALS @ SEAHAWKS – Hopefully Fitz doesn’t retire, but would anyone blame him?

ARI 7 SEA 21

49ERS @ RAMS – Good night, Nick whatever your name is. Take care of yourself.

SF 7 LAR 40

CHARGERS @ BRONCOS – Good night, Vance Joseph. Take care of yourself.

LAC 35 DEN 21

1. Chargers
2. Texans
3. Patriots
4. Steelers
5. Chiefs
6. Colts

1. Saints
2. Rams
3. Bears
4. Cowboys
5. Seahawks
6. Vikings

BLACK MONDAY PREDICTIONS: Vance Joseph, Todd Bowles, Doug Marrone, Steve Wilks, Marvin Lewis, Adam Gase

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Kiss My Butt, Kiss His Butt, Kiss Your Butt, Happy Hanukkah.


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