Aaron It Out: Week 13: Goodnight, Sweet BOAT

Goodnight, sweet BOAT.

You were fun to watch, even if you were frustrating, which couldn’t be said for the Jaguars’ previous first-round quarterback misstep. You made beautiful throws, until you didn’t. You sometimes made mistakes, but you bounced back, until you didn’t. You weren’t rattled by what the haters said. You got cursed out by your wide receiver in the preseason and then helped your team get to the AFC Championship game.

Unfortunately, my sweet, sweet BOAT, you really suck now. I know you won’t care, but your windup has gotten worse as the year went on, your throws have gotten wobblier, and the team doesn’t trust you anymore. You will begin riding the bench officially on Sunday, and you will most likely be traded to someone with the cap space to allow you to be a backup, like Oakland or Cleveland. Good luck, BOAT, in your new role as clipboard holder.

So, you know by now that the Jaguars removed Blake Bortles from the starting quarterback job and also fired offensive coordinator Nate Hackett, partially because they are both not good but mostly because the Jaguars didn’t trust Blake anymore and he was getting worse. He threw for a comically small amount and just straight-up missed his receivers in some cases against the Bills last week. As far as the Hackett firing, there needs to be a scapegoat and he was it, for now.

What’s going to be the solution moving forward? At the least, I think Todd Wash is also gone at the end of the season. I’m not sure why he hasn’t been let go now; they have someone else with DC experience on the staff in Perry Fewell but that’s just me. Will Doug Marrone stick around? Maybe, I’m not sure. General Manager Dave Caldwell NEEDS to be let go. He was responsible for drafting Bortles and has missed way more than he hit. If I were Shad Khan, I would back up the money truck to bring in Kliff Kingsbury, but he probably has been promised jobs already. We will see what happens, but at least the Jaguars will be in good position to draft a quarterback, I guess.

Quickly around the league, the Ravens are surprising everyone being 3-0 with Lamar Jackson as their starter and in position to challenge for the 7th playoff seed… the Colts are now on a 5-game winning streak, going in to play a beatable Jags team and the only hiccup I see on their schedule the rest of the season is their game against the Texans… the Saints continue to roll… look out for the Bears, who held their own against a bad Lions team but are still working with a backup quarterback.

1. Saints
2. Rams
3. Chiefs
4. Colts
5. Texans


SAINTS @ COWBOYS – This has quickly become a test for both teams, as Dallas looks to put themselves in position to win the NFC East and New Orleans wants to keep their hold on the number one seed and a first-round bye. Hopefully this will not devolve into a blowout. I think it will be a close game.

NO 27 DAL 21

BEARS @ GIANTS – Speaking of blowouts…

CHI 28 NYG 7

CARDINALS @ PACKERS – The Packers are Not Good this year but at least they’re not awful, which is what the Cardinals are.

ARI 10 GB 20

COLTS @ JAGUARS – You can put lipstick on a pig but it’ll still wind up as bacon. The Colts are on a streak. The Colts are the 2017 Jaguars in 2018. Frank Reich is coaching right and Andrew Luck is the comeback player of the year.

IND 21 JAX 17

BROWNS @ TEXANS – This will be a hard-fought game; the Browns seem to be tailoring things to the strengths of Baker Mayfield and are riding a wave of success even if their record doesn’t reflect it. The Texans appear to be dominating, far from their mediocrity of last year.

CLE 20 HOU 21

PANTHERS @ BUCS – This is obvious.

CAR 27 TB 7

BILLS @ DOLPHINS – Slightly less obvious, but both of these teams stink.

BUF 17 MIA 20

BRONCOS @ BENGALS – The Bengals are faltering, the Broncos are rallying.

DEN 28 CIN 17

RAVENS @ FALCONS – One of these birds is flying high, the other has crashed and has a few broken wings.

BAL 35 ATL 20

RAMS @ LIONS – There is no way the Lions will be able to stop the Rams.

LAR 28 DET 17

CHIEFS @ RAIDERS – Oakland should just forfeit this.

KC 42 OAK 9

JETS @ TITANS – Two teams in freefall; one is falling a little further.

NYJ 10 TEN 17

VIKINGS @ PATRIOTS – I think the Vikings upset the Pats.

MIN 27 NE 17

NINERS @ SEAHAWKS – The Seahawks will win big-time.

SF 6 SEA 30

CHARGERS @ STEELERS – This is a fun matchup and I think it will go all the way up to the end. I think the Chargers will take this, though.

LAC 28 PIT 24

REDSKINS @ EAGLES – The Redskins may be hurting, but the Eagles look worse.

WAS 17 PHI 10


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