Aaron It Out: 2018 Week 7: Factory of Jag-ness

One more shortened column this week. Report card grades are due. Also, I’ve been a sad Jags fan.

BUT! Rejoice, Bench Points land! Our esteemed founder, editor, and occasional college football when he feels like it writer Gavin had himself a little bundle of joy this week! Congrats to Gavin and his wonderful wife, who now not only has to put up with him, but a tiny clone of him as well.

Let’s get down to football!

1. Rams
2. Chiefs
3. Saints
4. Ravens
5. Vikings

Week 6 Record: 4-11. Whoo!

BRONCOS @ CARDINALS – Do yourself a favor and watch something else. Catch up on the DVR, check out Netflix, do SOMETHING else. This is an ugly game between two ugly teams and Denver will win.

DEN 19 ARI 7

TITANS @ CHARGERS – This week’s London game sees two teams that are trying to figure themselves out on an international stage. Who prevails here? Los Angeles, who is in the midst of trying to figure out just what they’re doing in L.A. Might they, eventually, call London home?

TEN 9 LAC 24

PANTHERS @ EAGLES – The injury bug keeps biting the Eagles, and I’m not entirely sure they’ll completely get over it in time. The Panthers were handed a loss from the Redskins but appear to be in position to bounce back. This will be a close one.

CAR 17 PHI 10

VIKINGS @ JETS – The Jets are coming together, and maybe they can put together a Wild Card run – to be completely honest, their division is totally up for grabs right now. But, Minnesota is gaining confidence and their backfield is looking healthy. I think they continue their resurgence here.

MIN 24 NYJ 13

BILLS @ COLTS – Buffalo is already on its third QB this year, and that QB has been employed by the organization for a whole two weeks. Indianapolis is beginning to see players come back from injury. It’s pretty obvious who will win.

BUF 6 IND 30

PATRIOTS @ BEARS – If Khalil Mack is healthy, this will be a fun game to watch – especially if Chicago can press like the Jags did back in week two. Yes, the Patriots’ running game is picking up steam but if you load the box and don’t give plays time to take shape, you take away New England’s confidence. I think Chicago continues to surprise.

NE 20 CHI 28

BROWNS @ BUCS – Cleveland is getting better, Tampa is getting worse. There’s no amount of Fitzmagic or Finger-Lickin’ that can help them right now.

CLE 19 TB 13

TEXANS @ JAGUARS – Oh, friends, if the Jaguars don’t win this game somehow, their confidence may be shot and we could get Cryin’ Ramsey 2.0 in the next few weeks. Houston’s offensive line is porous but Jacksonville’s isn’t much better with all their health concerns. However, the Jaguars should be able to pick themselves up after last week’s Disaster in Dallas.

HOU 13 JAX 19

LIONS @ DOLPHINS – Oh, Detroit. Are you good, or are you just ok? I think the more important thing here is that Miami stood up to a much better defense last week, with their backup quarterback, and I think that makes them better prepared here. Especially considering that backup QB was Brock Osweiler.

DET 10 MIA 17

SAINTS @ RAVENS – Two prolific offenses clash to try and obtain national recognition and legitimacy, as if the Saints really need it. I see New Orleans dominating this – I am seeing their early-season loss to Tampa as more of a momentary lapse in ability.

NO 35 BAL 21

COWBOYS @ REDSKINS – To say both of these teams are inconsistent is an understatement of epic proportions. Which teams will show up? I guess the home team.

DAL 20 WSH 24


LAR 45 SF 7

BENGALS @ CHIEFS – This potentially will be a good game, if the Bengals can bounce back from the Steelers squeaking by them. The Chiefs are firing on all cylinders and went toe to toe with the Pats. They should win here.

CIN 21 KC 30

GIANTS @ FALCONS – One team stinks and the arrow is pointing up, one team stinks and the arrow hasn’t decided which way it will point. Both teams have lots of talent and not a lot of defense, so it will be a confidence-builder either way.

NYG 16 ATL 21


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