Aaron It Out: 2018 Week 6: It’s All Coming Together

Something a little different due to the craziness of Hurricane Michael. Quick hits on the games, and score predictions so I can be really, really wrong when I look at this next week.

But first, your AARON IT OUT TOP FIVE:
1. Chiefs
2. Rams
3. Saints
4. Panthers
5. Jaguars

EAGLES @ GIANTS – In preseason, this looked great. Now, not so much. Can Philly bounce back? Thursday nights have been favorable for the home teams mostly this year.

PHI 20 NYG 23

BUCS @ FALCONS – Both of these teams look meh now, but Atlanta is lower on the meh scale than Tampa. I don’t think the home crowd will make a difference.

TB 17 ATL 12

CHARGERS @ BROWNS – An intriguing game but the Chargers are having troubles on defense, and they never travel to the East Coast well. The Browns are gaining confidence. Can they string together two home wins in a row? I think so.

LAC 10 CLE 14

COLTS @ JETS – Indianapolis has gotten bit by the injury bug hard. The Jets are trying to right the ship but Isaiah Crowell may not be there to get their ground game going.

IND 21 NYJ 14

SEAHAWKS @ RAIDERS – Ugh, I am sorry if you are going to watch this game. I hope that you can either watch another game or take a nap during this one. Both of these teams stink for entirely different reasons. One is in salary cap heck, the other is dealing with a coach that shouldn’t be there.

SEA 10 OAK 20

PANTHERS @ REDSKINS – Will the Redskins get their team back on track after getting plastered at New Orleans? No, no they won’t.

CAR 27 WSH 18

BILLS @ TEXANS – Uhhh… these teams are 2-3, and they have those records because their coaches are awful. That’s all I have to say.

BUF 21 HOU 17 in an ugly one.

CARDINALS @ VIKINGS – Minnesota won’t let themselves get Buffaloed again.

ARI 7 MIN 35

STEELERS @ BENGALS – Antontio Brown is on my fantasy team and I hope he has a great game. The Steelers defense is absolute trash and the Bengals will run all over them.

PIT 20 CIN 27

BEARS @ DOLPHINS – Two teams that have similar stories but are on diverging trajectories. Miami won’t be able to keep up with the score, or keep their QB up after Khalil Mack gets to him.

CHI 24 MIA 10

RAMS @ BRONCOS – If you want to see a team get pasted, watch this game.

LAR 45 DEN 14

RAVENS @ TITANS – Tennessee has found ways to win in their victories, but they won’t this week.

BAL 14 TEN 10

JAGUARS @ COWBOYS – If the Jaguars can overcome their injuries, they’ll win. The Cowboys don’t have as much of a chance – Jacksonville’s injuries are mostly all on the offensive side of the ball.

JAX 19 DAL 7

CHIEFS @ PATRIOTS – This should be a fun game, but New England’s defense won’t match up well at all with Kansas City’s offense.

KC 35 NE 20

NINERS @ PACKERS – Green Bay has to win this.

GB 17 SF 3


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