Aaron It Out: 2018 Week 4: Baker Special

Hey guys! This has been a rough week for me, mentally. A very close friend of ours lost his mother this week, work has been crazy, and for some reason, mentally, I just am spent. I have plenty of these half-takes with no thoughts to finalize them, and I think that the column would be better off without them. I’ll give you a few quick items, and then we’ll get to the good stuff. Next week, I promise I’ll give you a full-on column!

  • I think that it’s great Eric Reid was signed by the Panthers today. Will Kaepernick ever be signed? I’m not sure. They say QBs are a dime a dozen but guys like Tom Savage and Blaine Gabbert still have jobs, so I don’t know.

  • Arizona’s giving Josh Rosen the start at QB this week, and it won’t turn out like our other rookie QB debuts have, I’ll tell you that much. Arizona doesn’t have the stuff around him to do much, at least not this season. However, I won’t totally count them out – having Fitz and David Johnson on your team is never a bad thing.

  • Sucks to hear about Jimmy Garoppolo going down. The Niners can look forward to another high draft pick in 2019.

  • The Browns only have one loss (they tied in week one), and celebrated their victory last Thursday big-time, which they deserved. They won’t get more than 5 or 6 wins in my opinion, and they will return to earth soon, but as a Jags fan that endured the Mularkey and Bradley eras, I know how those fans felt.

  • Speaking of the Jaguars – big ole disappointment made its debut last Sunday at the Bank. Hopefully, Jacksonville can bounce back from their loss against the Titans. I’m pretty sure they can, they seem to have the resolve to do so, but if they don’t, or if the game goes down to the wire – you can pretty much expect armageddon and an announcements of the end days in the Jax media.

1. Chiefs
2. Rams
3. Jaguars
4. Vikings
5. Eagles


Vikings @ Rams – The Vikings have a chance to prove on multi-platform national TV that last week was an aberration, and that they are still favorites to make the NFC Championship in January. LA’s top two corners are out for the year, and Minnesota has the receivers to burn them regularly. This depends on which Kirk Cousins we get, the “YOU LIKE THAT” one or the one that poo-pooed his team’s playoff chance at the end of last year, and how full the Coliseum is tonight. I’m going to say due to the experience here that we’ll see a Vikings win.

Texans @ Colts – Welcome to the big bucket of suck. The Texans are not good. The Colts are still trying to figure out what they are, and in an official rebuild. Let’s give it to the home team. Colts win.

Bills @ Packers – The Bills beat a team that is way better than the Packers last week. The Packers are still working on figuring out their line and also how to safely sack the opposing quarterback. I’ll call a Packers win here, but it’ll be close.

Bucs @ Bears – Ryan Fitzpatrick can’t throw the ball if he’s on the ground. The Bears may not look the greatest but they have a defense that is quickly becoming Good. Bears win.

Dolphins @ Patriots – The dysfunction in New England continues to grow. Nobody’s happy, they brought in another diva receiver and then sat him while they got humiliated on national television, and… yeah. The Dolphins look like the Pats should. QB on point, solid receivers, a defense that can at least kinda keep up with the other team. This is a conference-shaping game, and the Dolphins will win.

Lions @ Cowboys – The Cowboys are having issues on offense and injuries seem to be piling up on defense. The Lions have looked pretty good in two of the three games they’ve played so far. I’m thinking after the egg they laid in week two, Detroit is finding their way. Lions win.

Bengals @ Falcons – Cincy looks a lot better than anyone could’ve given them credit for, but their loss to the Panthers last week sort of showed their true colors. The Falcons currently have a losing record, and aren’t quite living up to expectations, but they’re entering a stretch where they could easily win 6 of their next 7 games, and this is one of them. I think Atlanta is just an all-around better team, and they’ll dominate this week. Falcons win.

Jets @ Jaguars – Although the Jets have looked relatively competent so far this season, they are still one of those teams in that nebulous void of “… eh?” I believe that with the record-setting heat this weekend in Jacksonville and the need of the Jaguars to have a bounce-back game, that New York will pretty much lay down for the Jags, giving the local audience a good show one more time before they head on the road for two weeks in a row. Jaguars win.

Eagles @ Titans – The Titans are bad, Mariota can barely pass, and the Eagles are getting the rust shaken off Carson Wentz. This is a game that the Eagles will win, big-time.

Browns @ Raiders – The Raiders are going downhill fast; it seems like they’re tanking to make leaving Oakland easier on them and on their fans. (I may have mentioned this a few weeks ago.) The Browns are on cloud nine with their rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield ready to tear up the NFL, at least for a couple more weeks. I could make the tie joke here but instead I’ll say Browns win.

Seahawks @ Cardinals – This game will end in a tie.

Saints @ Giants – The Giants finally won a game last week, but it was against the Texans, so that was sort of like playing JV. The Saints are starting to click after a fluke week one loss and have the opportunity to carry four wins in a row to the week six bye. I think the Giants don’t have the defense to keep up with the Saints, but New Orleans’ defense had better watch out for Saquon. This is a Saints win but it will be close.

Niners @ Chargers – Chargers win; the Niners’ season is over with their QB down.

Ravens @ Steelers – Both of these teams are having surprising starts to the season, and this will either be a really good game, which is what usually happens when they get together, or a one-sided blowout since Antonio Brown wants to prove he is the player he says he is. Here, I think that the Steelers will win.

Chiefs @ Broncos – Don’t really know what to make of Denver yet. They win a couple of games to start and then give up a stinker last week. Kansas City, however, has quickly established themselves as one of, if not the, top team in the AFC with a high-octane offense. I don’t think that will change here and the Chiefs win.


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