Bet the Board: Kickoff Weekend

Well, ladies and gentlemen it’s finally here. I’ve been basically non-existent outside of football season and it was tough to keep motivated going into the spring (and definitely the summer) doldrums. But, football season is back and I am relieved. As is typical with opening weekends, the games are either major or cupcake squashing contests. But, it’s a good way to get back into it.

Let’s bet the board!

West Virginia -10 vs. Tennessee

The Mountaineers are one of those teams that always seem to be better than people realize. Tennessee has been perennial garbage lately. That may change now that Pruitt is at the helm but WVU has a better than decent shot at being a playoff team. I know the Vols are at home, but WVU should cruise. Lay these points.

Ed. Note: I can’t read. UT/WVU is neutral in Charlotte. I stand by the pick

Auburn -2 vs Washington

The Huskies have been resurgent in recent years and are no longer a punchline in the PAC. Auburn is coming off losing the national championship game to UCF*. They return a good core of players from last year’s team and the Huskies have to travel across the country. All things being equal, I’ll lay the points and bet on jetlag.


Michigan vs Notre Dame

Notre Dame is the most historically overrated college football team in the history of college football in both quantity and intensity. This year is no different. Michigan isn’t excellent and Harbaugh has an uphill climb this year in the B1G, but dogs to the Irish? I’m not a believer. This should be a good game but take Michigan outright on the money like for slightly better odds.

Louisville +24.5 vs Alabama

Louisville is easily 25 points worse than Alabama on a neutral field. But, with the controversy around the Tide’s quarterback and the stupid drama, I wonder if the offense will be focused enough to keep Alabama this far out in front. Louisville is just sort of along for the ride in this game since whether or not Alabama covers will be on Saban and his players. There’s not much Louisville can do here. But, take the points, I don’t expect Alabama will be firing on all cylinders.

Miami -3.5 vs LSU

This is super cheap to take Miami. LSU received a pity ranking (25) so this could be billed as a top 25 matchup for opening weekend. I think the Canes are overrated at 8, but I don’t think they’re so overrated as to drop the ball here and lose/win by a field goal or less. Richt has a good squad this year and they have a pretty clear look at the Playoff if they can get a couple of signature wins along with blanking the Coastal. Lays these points. Miami is back(ish).

VPI +7.5 vs FSU

This line kind of surprised me. I expected a spread of four or fewer. This is pretty straightforward to me. That’s a lot of points to give up on the Noles in the opener with a new coach. I’m tempted to take VPI outright, but that’s not the best bet here. Take the points and expect FSU to win by less than a TD.


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