Aaron It Out: The Dead Zone

We’ve made it, folks. We’re here. It’s the dead zone. Mandatory minicamps are ending today (if they haven’t ended already), and NFL teams are taking the dreaded six-week break. No football news until the end of July! Whatever will we do?

No, literally, what will we do? Baseball is incredibly uninteresting right now, golf is searching for a storyline, Nascar is back in the dumps, and nobody really cares if LeBron signs somewhere else (he won’t).

Here, now, from the esteemed tastemaker Yours Truly, are a few recommendations of what to do as ESPN attempts to fill its top ten with horrible baseball highlights.

GO TO THE MOVIES. Have you been lately? There is some good stuff out. Avengers: Infinity War just broke two billion dollars at the box office. If you haven’t seen it yet, go. Also, Solo is an absolute treat. The camaraderie between Han and his loyal sidekick Chewbacca is fun to watch unfold. Go to see Incredibles 2, the movie everyone who went to see Avengers has been waiting to see for nearly 15 years. For a laugh, Tag is coming out soon. A dinosaur movie, a new Ant-Man movie, a new The Rock Saves Everyone movie, a new Denzel movie, and a new Mission Impossible movie are all coming out before the preseason ramps up. Go spend some time in a dark room with strangers.

GO TO THE COUCH. Call your boo over to Netflix and chill, or Hulu and chill. There’s a lot of cool stuff out. If you’re on Amazon, and dig science fiction, I cannot recommend The Expanse highly enough. It’s awesome to watch. Full of irreverant humor, amazing cold opens, and a spectacular cast, the entirety of Brooklyn Nine Nine is available on Hulu and has five seasons of material for you to binge. Over on Netflix, there is a great old-school-style comedy special featuring Steve Martin and Martin Short that was perfectly fun for me to watch.

TAKE A GETAWAY. Hop on Google Maps, look for something 4-6 hours away, book a hotel for a day or two and go there. Look up “things to do in __________” and make some notes. Talk to the front desk at the hotel, get some local info. You could wind up doing a 2-3 day trip and saving some cash by avoiding tourist destinations. Or, pick a tourist destination and go where the crowds aren’t.

GO ON AN ADVENTURE IN YOUR TOWN. There has to be something a friend has done and posted about on Facebook that made you say, “I’ve always wanted to try that!” Well, do it. Pack yourself and the family up, and go have a fun time without leaving your city.

TAKE A TOUR OF A SPORTS FACILITY. Nearly every football stadium gives tours this time of year. Also, if you have a Nascar track nearby, they almost always feature some sort of “experience” that is available. Stadium tours are a cheap way to familiarize yourself with the home of your favorite team and to see some cool stuff you may never see otherwise. Look at the team’s website for more information, although you might have to click around a bit, or send the team a quick contact email.

There’s a ton of stuff to do instead of constantly refreshing Pro Football Talk… or Bench Points! Hope you have a great summer and we hope to see you back when training camp gets rolling!


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