Andrew Luck, Former Elite QB

On Saturday, May 12th, a new report came out reminding us all that it has been 496 days since Andrew Luck has thrown a live pass.  Yesterday, the Colts scrambled with the local media to ensure boilerplate quotes on Luck were distributed with panache.

Luck is “doing all the activities” that don’t include throwing, including footwork and other crap.

Luck is “completely engaged” during these OTAs, going to meetings and stuff.

Some additional facts:

Luck is now on his fourth offensive coordinator.

Luck has a backup that played nearly the entire 2017 season and is looking for contract money in 2019.

Luck has to play the Jaguars’ defense twice a year, and will also face the Super Bowl-winning defense of the Philadelphia Eagles early in 2018.

He hasn’t thrown a live ball for nearly 500 days.

I’ve not played football myself, but I know enough about the game to know that throwing in practice and throwing in a live game situation where variables must constantly be accounted for and living, breathing men who want to add to their sack total by smacking the ever-loving crap out of you are two steps and a swim move away from you are two extremely different things.  Throwing a Nerf football a few yards to a trainer and throwing a real football 35 yards to the right shoulder of T.Y. Hilton on the left sideline to score the game-winning touchdown are also two extremely different things.

And having your throwing shoulder injury be horribly managed by an organization that had to burn through two GMs before realizing it had to build up the offensive line in order to protect its QB (whoever that may be) certainly complicates things.

Andrew Luck may come back but he won’t be the same.  I just think there is no way – and the Colts have no one to blame but themselves for it. Luck may be one of the most wasted talents of his generation because of the awful way he was managed by the Colts through his injury and the complete lack of coaching staff consistency.

Time will tell, and I may be wrong, but I don’t see Luck striking for the Colts anytime soon.


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