Aaron It Out: The Future Is Naw

The first round of the 2018 NFL draft was ridiculous.

Your standard run on QBs that may or may not turn out to be giant busts (more likely than not) notwithstanding, the Browns turned this draft upside down.

Click here for a full round one recap, by the way.

The Browns did a decent job of adding a competent quarterback earlier this year, bringing Tyrod Taylor to town. Anyone with half a brain knows he is a serviceable starter and more than capable of taking advantage of the weapons that you put around him. So instead of using their first and fourth picks on sure bets Saquon Barkley and Bradley Chubb, they instead picked up Baker Mayfield and… blinks… OSU CB Denzel Ward.


John Elway’s horseface must have had a grin from ear to ear when Bradley Chubb fell to him. The AFC West is not gonna have fun facing that dude twice a year for the next ten years.

As for the rest of the draft, eh, I can take or leave it. Many of the moves were just bizarre – there were a lot of trades, and those trades were for players that probably would’ve been there, or at least someone very close to that skill level.  I mean, the Titans traded up for a guy that only started one year at Alabama.  Yes, I know Alabama has crazy depth and all the kids want to go there and contend for a natty every year, but still.  Just some dumb moves if you ask me.

I can appreciate the fact that Lamar Jackson got drafted in the first round. We may see a Kirk Cousins-esque run for Flacco next offseason.  Of all the places for Jackson to end up, I didn’t expect it to be Baltimore.

Finally, I don’t know much about Jaguars pick Taven Bryan.  He looks big, and from the limited tape I’ve seen he seems like he could do good in either an end or a tackle spot.  I think personally the Jaguars drafted the successor to either Malik Jackson or Marcel Dareus (my guess would be Jackson). However, for 2018, the Jags do a LOT of rotation on the DL and he has a good chance to make an immediate impact.  Another interesting wrinkle? The Jags could deal Dante Fowler this weekend and Bryan could easily match his numbers from this past year.


Barkley to the Giants, DJ Moore to the Panthers, Frank Ragnow to the Lions, Vita Vea to the Bucs, Quentin Nelson to the Colts.


Ward to the Browns, Rosen to the Cardinals, Marcus Davenport to the Saints, Derwin James to the Chargers (this is selfish, I wanted him in Jax), Rashad Penny to the Seahawks (before Sony Michel? Come on).


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