Sprint Option: Bye Bye, Jimmy

Welp. That went about how I expected. Georgia -14 was the easiest spread I’ve picked this season. Holy moly. Let’s get right to it. This week we see the first playoff rankings. That means we get to dial up the bitching about how so-and-so “ain’t played nobody, Paul!” The option this week will be breaking down Florida. Fair warning. I’ll be following up with a rankings post later in the week.

Let’s go.

Georgia steamrolled Florida and forced a coaching change…

There’s a lot to unpack here. We will start with Ryan Nanni’s (SBN) hysterical tweet.

But, really. Anyone who was not clinically insane knew Georgia was the better team going into this game. Having seen both teams play, it came as no surprise when the Gators lost as bad as they did. The defense is not where they have been and the offense couldn’t pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel. Florida was always going to lose this game, the question was by how much.

The answer: all the points. Georgia o-blit-er-ated Florida. It was brutal. Not only was the game never in doubt, Georgia got its backups in for the first time since probably the 80s. Florida was lethargic, unmotivated, and clumsy. They needed their best to give Georgia a game, instead they were the worst they’ve been this year. This team will lose to Mizzou and we will have yet another year of the #lol4and8ors. Maybe, Presbyterian UAB (I’m an idiot) is in doubt at this point.

To make matters more complicated for Florida, McElwain has coached his last game. Based on the embarrassing offense, that may not be all bad. However, the calls for Mac’s job were growing louder by the week. And then, he made bizarre comments about death threats he received.

Look, I get that jackass fans yell dumb things at you. I also understand that coaches receive threats and hate mail. Such is the price of fame these days. It’s one thing to get stray threats lobbed at you. It’s something else entirely when you formally acknowledge them and state that some of your players have received them. I think he’s full of crap. I think he was making some flippant remark to deflect and it grew legs on him. Then, he assumed the only way out was through. He guessed wrong. Florida investigated firing him for the embarrassment of the hoax allegations–not to mention the incredible risk he put the players in by not reporting potentially credible threats.

So, the mayor of Liarsburg is out at Florida, regardless and the search begins. It’s too early to speculate on potential hires, but I want Scott Frost, Dan Mullen, and Justin Fuente on any list we generate.

Butch Jones is still in at Tennessee…

Hahahahahaha. Seriously, what does this man have to do to get fired? It’s embarrassing to the Vols that Butch kept his job longer than Jim.

Penn State gets on bus after 3Q, loses…

This is an unforgivable loss for State. They relinquished a 13 point lead in the final ten minutes. Brutal. Ohio State has championed its own cause with this win. They have the edge for the title game now; as a result, I don’t see any way they are kept out of the playoff. They shouldn’t be if they win the B1G.

Georgia Tech goes splut! against better Clemson team

Fire Paul Johnson. Clemson is good. Jerks.


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