Bet the Board: Week 7

Apologies to all, I have had several developments of the non-blog kind come up in the past few weeks, and they have taken precedence over keeping the weekly articles rolling. Special thanks to Aaron for being the consummate professional and keeping up the weekly NFL write-up. Maybe the managing editor can take a card or two from that deck. Anyway. I suck. I’ll try harder. Let’s Bet the Board.Louisville +7 vs Florida State

Louisville is embattled as a school and rumors are swirling. This distraction may lend itself to a home cover by the Noles; however, Lamar Jackson is still playing. Neither one of these teams are what we expected going into this season and 7 points is a lot for either team. Lest we forget, Jackson won the Heisman. Dude can flat play. I wouldn’t spot Louisville any points. They are unpredictable and volatile. The points are safer here.

OK ST -7 vs Texas

Oklahoma State is more than a touchdown better than Texas on paper. I think Gundy, his players, and his mullet are still seeking to reclaim credibility after losing to TCU a couple weeks ago. What better way than tuning up the name brand in the conference? Lay the points here I think it’s a two score final. Cowboys win in Austin.

Iowa State vs Texas Tech (Over 68)

The Cyclones just beat Oklahoma. They can put up points on bad Big XII defenses. Texas Tech has one of those bad defenses. Tech has held only one conference opponent under 30 all year, Kansas. And the Jayhawks scored 19! This game is running over. Easiest pick of the week.

Syracuse + 17 vs Miami

Syracuse won’t snake bite Miami the week after they snakebit Clemson. But, even at home, 17 points is a lot for a Miami team that is used to playing opponents close. I wouldn’t lay the points on the Canes if the spread were 10. Take the points and hope Miami lets them hang around*.

*Pretty likely to happen.

Oklahoma -14 vs Kansas State

Oklahoma just beat Texas after losing to Iowa State. Iowa. Freaking. State. A loss like that tanks any margin for error for the Sooners. They are going to be up for this game. This is a team with Playoff ambitions and a quarterback who is trying to mount a Heisman campaign. Kansas State is not in the same class as Oklahoma and I don’t see this being very close at all.

LSU vs Ole Miss +7

This is a straight up coin flip with the line at 7. I can talk myself into either, but I like taking the home dog over a spastic LSU team. I like the Rebs, but I won’t begrudge you laying the points on the Tigers.

Auburn -15.5 vs Arkansas

Arkansas is godawful. Auburn is going to kill them. How is this line less than 21?! Don’t overthink it.

Wake Forest vs Georgia Tech -5.5

Tech at home after blowing a chance to beat the best team in the conference? Yeah, I’m laying points here as they are less than a touchdown and Wake is still a bottom half conference team. Also, Tech can’t kick for crap, if GT wins, it’ll be by a multiple if 7. I think Tech wins.

Kansas vs TCU (Over 60)

Guys, Kansas is terrible. They embrace their role in the Big XII as a basketball school and it shows on the gridiron. In fact, I can’t rule out that Bill Self may be calling the plays. TCU can’t help but score in this game. They may hit the over on their own. 60 feels low, this is going to be a massacre.


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