Sprint Option: Week 5

So, coming at you on Tuesday because I was rendered physically ill by what I saw on the field in Gainesville on Saturday. Holy moly. I’ll save it for the write up, but everything is awful. Trust me, that doesn’t give anything away. Read on at your own peril.

What the hell just happened…

One point. One lousy point. You lost to the team that lost to Troy by one point. I’m still processing this. But, Florida is just atrocious. They’ve gone to the brink every “major” game this season and they finally got snake bit. Worse than that, the Gators were exposed. Any offense that is sufficiently complicated pre-snap may be the kryptonite to Florida’s strongest element, its defense. LSU complicated ordinary zones and isos by dressing it up with complex, irrelevant motion. This put the onus on the Florida linebackers to make the adjustments. They failed that test. I fully expect TAMU to learn from LSU, but I also expect Florida to be better to at reading BS. At least, I hope.

I can only get so mad about the game because the Tom Petty tribute was incredible. Early signs point to it being a new tradition. I hope it is. It was great.

Also, those uniforms. What. In. The. World.

Alabama fails to cover because I bet on them…

Not much more to it than that. Bama was played tough by TAMU but failed to cover the spread solely by virtue of my water that they were going to. In terms of the game, Alabama still is a cut above anyone I’ve seen, including Georgia and Clemson. The Tide roll into Tennessee in a couple weeks and, boy howdy, the Georgia Tech-Cumberland 222-0 record may be in jeopardy. As long as Tennessee is taking leadership reps instead of real reps, they’re boned.

At least FSU lost…

Listen, I get it. Some of you aren’t Florida fans. Some of you may be Florida State fans. I have no quarrel with you. But if you are a Florida State fan, tell me that Florida losing didn’t soften the blow for you. Granted, it may not have been as pronounced because Miami won for the first time in nearly a decade, but that’s OK. Miami had to use every shred of luck they had to win on the last play doesn’t escape me. I’m hoping Georgia Tech can cash in on a swoon from winning such a big game.

SPARTY WHOAAAAAAA, Michigan goes down…

I’m not sure how to describe what happened in this one. It’s like Michigan and State switched jerseys for the game. I have never seen a Harbaugh team look so woefully unprepared. The defensive scheme was basic and the players on offense looked absolutely lost. The spacing and timing were clunky. Michigan looked more like a team that implemented a new offense the day before. To their credit, they tried to rally, but Sparty held them off. Khaki Jim is probably not thrilled. I’m pretty ok with that.

Oklahoma gets run by Iowa State…

A hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Gasp and Iowa State planted their flag at midfield!

A hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Thank you as always for reading. We will see you next week.


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