Bet the Board: Week 5

Happy Friday! I’ve got to start writing this thing on Wednesday nights. I had a much better week last week, going 6-4. As we head into the October games, we will now get to see teams separate themselves as more conference games get played. October is the best college football month, and we’ve got an interesting slate this weekend.

Let’s Bet the Board!

Alabama -27 vs. Texas A&M

TAMU has only lost one game, which is surprising given the shoe they threw against UCLA. Still, they’re coming into this game a quietly good team. Unfortunately for the Aggies, Bama is an obnoxiously loud incredible team. The Tide’s second team can beat most of the SEC starters. Couple that with the fact that they’re hungry for playing time and you have a formula for Alabama’s runaway scoring. Ordinarily, I don’t want to lay huge points, but I think Alabama covers this spread too. They have too much talent and they have the coaching edge. This has the makings of a blowout.

WVU + 13.5 vs. TCU

This line shocked me. TCU is a good team, but West Virginia can score with the best of them. And both teams tout signature Big 12 defenses. WVU was Will Grier’s landing spot after Florida forced him out the door for juicing. He’s still an awesome player and he has a lot of talent around him at WVU. I think this one is a barn burner that’s close. I’ll take two touchdowns of padding here. Maybe even a flyer on the money line…maybe, if I’m insane*.

*I can talk myself into anything.

Arkansas -2 vs. SCAR

Team BERT cracks into BtB for the first time this season. I’ll be honest with you, I’ll be finding out Sunday whether or not I win the wager. This is going to be horrid football. I’m laying the points solely because I’ve seen less talent from Carolina than Arkansas this year. Woo pig.

(You’re welcome, Aaron)

Duke +2.5 vs. Virginia (Moneyline Duke)

I think the bookies are on drugs. The wrong team seems favored here. We’re putting a lot of weight behind the Hoos ability to put points on the board, but UVA’s resume reads like the world’s saddest road trip–Indiana, Idaho (Boise), and Connecticut. Seriously, this hodgepodge of states are the ones you hit up just to round out all fifty. I digress. Duke isn’t much better, but I’ll gladly take the points in a games like this. I honestly think Duke could win convincingly, but this game should be pretty competitive.

…And sloppy.

Georgia -18 vs. Vanderbilt

Vandy has had a rough couple of weeks. That streak…continues. Georgia is playing lights out and no matter how good Vanderbilt usually is at defense, they’re overmatched this year. The discrepancy between these two this season is possibly the greatest since I’ve been paying attention to college football. I expect Vandy to hold Georgia close in the first half, but Fromm and the Bulldogs will break out in the second half. Lay the points, Vandy will not weather the onslaught this year.

Kansas State +3.5 vs. Texas

This is my “I’m still bitter about Charlie Strong” pick of the week. I’m taking the points because, in my head, I’ve constructed a total dismantling of Texas. Side with me on this pick at your own hazard. (To be fair, it’s not a lot of points, gives you more wiggle room). I’m just saying.

Kansas State by 1000!!

LSU vs. Florida -3

In reality, Florida should KILL LSU. They just lost to Troy for God’s sake. However, anyone who has watched Florida play all year knows that this is going to be a painfully close game. This is one of those games for Florida. The worst part about this is that Troy may have also beat Florida last week. LSU got a wake-up call and now Florida, a rival, is going to be on the receiving end of that reinvigorated effort. I think the Gators have the talent to win big. They won’t, but I’m willing to lay the points on it.

VT -16.5 vs. Boston College

VT clearly won their round of Coaching Carousel. Fuente is the real deal and so are they. I was impressed at the game plan they put together against a very good Clemson team. Now, they play a very bad BC team. I don’t think BC can score all that much on a Bud Foster defense. As for the offense, VPI has some weapons. Boston College doesn’t have the impenetrable defense of years past. I expect the castrated turkeys to cruise easy.

Hopefully, my losing streak is over.

I doubt it.


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