Sprint Option: Week 5

I woke this morning to news of the horrible shooting in Las Vegas. First and foremost, I hope and pray for the victims. I wrote the Option yesterday and hope now, more than ever, it can serve as a light-hearted distraction from the grim news of the day.

Please Bama don’t hurt ’em…

Oh. Too late. This tweet from the SB Nation blog for Mississippi sums it up.

Holy crap. What do you even do about Bama? Especially with Nick Saban completely fabricating reasons to be mad at opponents. Alabama completely dismantled Mississippi (worse than Vandy). At this point it’s looking like Georgia vs. Alabama in the SEC championship and, well, I don’t think the Dawgs will have it.

Georgia killed Tennessee…

Forty. One. To. Zero. Tennessee is garbage. Is there any doubt at all that Fromm and Georgia are the team to beat in the SEC East this year? It appears that Florida may lose by forty when they play at the end of this month. Sure, it’s a rivalry game, but Georgia grades out better on the eye test. Tennessee on the other hand is as garbage as that stupid can they have on the sidelines. The entire SEC outside of Knoxville is praying Butch Jones stays coach forever, but I don’t think their prayers will be answered.

Wazzu ekes out a win against USC…

Say good night to the Heisman for Darnold. USC is just not the team I thought they were. This leaves the door wide open for Barkley, which is great news. As for Wazzu, Leach is insane, and he’s winning. Given the short term amnesia and how winning cures all the ails, I don’t think he’ll be there much longer. I’m thinking Tennessee unloads Butch and brings in Leach. Why the hell not?

Speaking of Heisman Crown Prince Barkley…

Penn State walloped Indiana as they continue to take advantage of their soft-in-the-middle, needs-to-do-more-cardio schedule. Barkley looked as impressive as ever as the human highlight reel. At this point, he is the clear Heisman frontrunner, but Penn State has a rough October. His campaign will be won or lost by Veteran’s Day. Don’t bet against him, though.

Is Auburn good…?

No, I’m not just being funny. Auburn was embarrassed by Clemson (despite the score, they just looked crappy)*, who is incredibly good this year. They responded by turning around and whooping up on Mississippi State. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a sad year for Auburn fans because they ain’t winning the Iron Bowl. Auburn seems to have found its stride, but history tells us that no one steps on landmines better than they do.

Clemson overwhelms VPI…

There aren’t many coaches I personally like more than Dabo Swinney and Justin Fuente. Clemson is in league with Alabama this season. They’re just video game good. Not today’s video games with their frustrating realism, but more like NCAA ’07 with your create-a-player quarterback. We may very well see this game played again in December. The ACC has some talent. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say we are one season away from the ACC overtaking the SEC in median talent. Words I never in my life thought I would say.

*I originally put Georgia here because I am a doofus and was not paying attention to what I wrote.


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