Bet the Board: Week 5

Sorry about the Sprint Option. The bombshell fell about this huge scandal and Pitino et al. I’m planning to write up a deeper piece on it. But spoiler on my conclusion, I want to know what law is doing yeoman’s work for the FBI to make this prosecutable. We will see.

But until then, let’s Bet the Board! Nowhere to go but up with how awful I did last week.

Vanderbilt +10 vs Florida

So, Vandy was looking good. Then they called out Bama. Then Bama reminded them what it means to be Vandy. This gave Vegas enough to open the line up to ten. Enter Florida. The Gators have decided to start Driskel Del Rio (same disappointment) and have managed to eke out wins in the past two weeks. That luck will run out. Without an offense to speak of, I just can’t confidently lay ten points. Vandy may even win this outright. Take the points on Vandy, maybe the money line if you’re gangster.

USC -4 vs Wazzu

I’m on a Trojan cover here. I like Wazzu and we may see an upset if the USC team that played Texas shows up again. I would ordinarily take the points here, but I’m willing to spot Darnold here. I think USC by a touchdown. Defense will be optional, maybe even actively discouraged. Lay the points and watch the show.

SCAR vs Texas A&M -9

Muschamp has Carolina back to being a punching bag. Their play has managed to decline over the course of the season and now they play a resurgent Aggie team. My money is on the team whose head coach is effectively coaching for his job. I just don’t believe Cocky will have an answer for them. Don’t expect much excitement, but I’m laying the points. I think TAMU keeps it out of reach.

Ok St vs TTU (Over 81)

Welcome to the Big XII, the conference where the points are made up and the defense doesn’t matter. I make this joke regularly. I make no apologies. This game has reached into the hundreds before. 81 is ridiculous, and I took the over. Pray for me.

In all seriousness, this will be an offensive explosion. I feel good about that.

Ole Miss +28 vs Alabama

Speaking of prayer, pray for Mississippi. I was completely prepared to talk everyone into an Ole Miss cover because they’ve had Bama’s number. It is also a 4 TD line. I felt good. Then Saban took on his “send a message” position. It’s over. I can’t change this bet and 28 is a lot to lay, but I would not be surprised.

UNC vs GT -9.5

Y’all may just want to fade me and take the points. But, I’m riding my Alma Mater this week. After getting beat down by Duke, UNC doesn’t seem like much. I also like how Tech has been playing. I think the Jackets run all over them and cover, but they do struggle with teams from NC. Smart money is on a GT cover.

Miami vs Duke +7

Expect Duke to roll in with great momentum against Miami. I’m honestly surprised Duke was the dog here. In light of my surprise, I’ll gladly take the points.

Georgia -7.5 vs Tennessee

Jor. Ja. They will cover against a miserably bad Tennessee team. Rivalry aside, Georgia has better players and better coaching. I don’t see this one being close.

Clemson vs VT +7.5

For the marquee game, I took a home cover for VPI. Blacksburg is a hard place to play. Moreover, Fuente has got his team ready to play. I think Clemson may get upset, but I think VPI is good enough to give them a ball game. I’m excited about this one. You should be too.

That’s all I got this week. I’m thinking of changing the format to go more in-depth on fewer games.


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