Bet the Board: Week 4

Let’s get to it. Thanks to a server outage at WordPress, this did not seem to get posted. So I have rewritten my midweek lead in for a early Saturday Bet the Board. Anyway, let’s rock and roll.

Alabama vs. Vanderbilt +19 (Under 44)

So, is this as weird for y’all as it is for me? Vandy is… good. I mean, they aren’t good enough to beat Bama. But, they’re good enough to cover the spread. I’m taking the points because I think Vandy’s defense shows up in a big way. They’ll give Alabama fits for long enough to keep the Tide from winning by three touchdowns. For that reason, I’m also going with the under. These bets are paired up. I would be taking the over if I had Alabama covering.

Cincinnati +11.5 vs. Navy

Having watched Navy play a couple games this season, I have been unimpressed with the speed of Navy. They’re serviceable on defense, but the O has looked sluggish. Cincy always seems to get some players year in and year out. This is a lot of points to lay even as Navy is at home. I think we’re better off taking the points and expecting a single digit Navy win. This is my lowest confidence pick of the week.

Florida vs. Kentucky (Under 44)

This was a sucker line. At time of writing, Florida was favored by a field goal. At Kentucky, that’s basically a pick ’em. As horribly as Florida is on offense, I think this will be yet another offensive struggle for the Gators. On the other side is a resurgent Kentucky, but let’s not get carried away. Florida’s defense is still the toast of the SEC and Kentucky will have a hell of a time moving the ball. The stars align here for a low point total. Hit the under. Hard.

Michigan vs. Purdue +10

Purdue is another surprisingly good team this year. I’ve seen a few of the analysts pick them to win this game outright. I’m not willing to branch out that far, because I think Michigan will win. But ten is a ton of points to give up to Purdue. I just do not have that kind of faith in Harbaugh’s team right now. Take the points on the home team.

Mississippi State +5 vs. Georgia

Mississippi State demolished LSU last weekend. The game was much farther apart than the final score leads you to believe. With that showing against the athletes that LSU has, I’m thinking they may win outright. I’m not confident enough to go with a straight pick of MSU, but I’ll gladly take the points.

Texas Tech vs. Houston (Over 71)

These two teams are a couple of the worst offenders of the “Defense Optional” platoon. Vegas already thinks the game is going to be a barn burner. Take the over. Both teams throw a ton and neither team is worth a crap on defense. Do eeeeeeeeeeeeet!

USC -16 vs. California

California is terrible. USC struggled mightily to put Texas away, but I think that will serve as a wake-up call as the Trojans look to get back on the good side of the committee by tuning up against Cal. Darnold has a Heisman campaign to get back on track so he is going to be slinging it. I’m thinking this will be a blowout. I’ll probably regret this pick.

Wazzu vs. Colorado (Over 51)

Over. All day. Wazzu under Leach is a prolific offense, and, though Colorado is no slouch, I think this game easily cracks 51. If they don’t, then Leach will be high comedy at halftime and after the game.

Enjoy the games this weekend. Sorry this is so late. I will try to do better next week


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