Bet the Board: Week 3

Irma was that friend that invites herself over, keeps you up despite the fact that you have work in the morning, and eats all your food. Actually, Irma wasn’t a friend at all.

The hurricane disrupted my posting scheduled this week which led to my failure to even write the Sprint Option, and it has delayed Bet the Board. I have fired myself for missing a deadline–that brings the running total up to three times this season. With any luck, Irma is gone for good and won’t send any of her loud, stupid friends into our lives.

Also, if you’re in the giving spirit, please consider donating to relief efforts. All Hands and Americares are rated 4/4 stars on Charity Navigator.

PSA complete, let’s Bet the Board!

Clemson vs. Louisville +3.5 (Over 56)

Most of the picks this week are double picks. Many of the games simply are not intriguing or have sucker lines in my opinion. This game here is easily the game of the week. Having watched both Clemson and Louisville play before Irma wrecked our power, I’m surprised Louisville is a home dog to the Tigers. I like home dogs in general, moreso when the team has a Heisman winner running the offense. Jackson wasted no time getting back into form and will test Archie if he plays that well all season.

Clemson on the other hand started sluggish against Auburn but turned it on in the second half. That said, I think this is going to be a blowout and Louisville looks ready to roll. 56 for the total seems awfully low with both these high powered offenses. Take the points and the over (maybe even the money line on Louisville), I think there Cardinals win outright.

Louisiana-Lafayette +24 vs. TAMU (Over 60)

Is there a coach in America in more hot water than Kevin Sumlin? Honestly, I think the racist invective he received via letter bought him some time because the university doesn’t want to appear to side with vile subhumans. That said, you gotta win in Texas. This week, I think he does; but, my confidence in them covering the spread against ULL isn’t high given the shaky ground TAMU’s defense is pitched upon. I also don’t think the Cajun defense can stop A&M. This will be a shootout. Take the over and the points.

Kentucky vs. SCAR -7

I don’t love this line at all. Admittedly, that may be due to lingering shellshock from having Muschamp as my team’s coach. But, it’s Kentucky and it’s not basketball season. They’re improved, but Stoops still has a long way to go. Carolina has to have it more together than that. This is a sucker line, but I think you lay the points at home and bank on better athleticism.

Purdue +7 vs. Mizzou (Under 78)

Purdue has actually shown themselves to be remotely capable at moving the ball. Mizzou has also shown that it can’t stop much of anything. It’s for the second reason that I’m taking a Boilermaker cover here. In a similar vein, the total seems very inflated. I don’t see it as likely that we have a game where both clubs are pushing forty. Hit the under hard on this one.

SMU vs. TCU (Over 64)

TCU can’t help but score points and SMU isn’t going to be putting up much of a fight. 64 seems like a high total, but when you’re capable of scoring every time you touch the ball because your opponent is so bad (as SMU is), it’s going to get ugly. I’ll take the over here, TYVM.

Tennessee +5 vs. Florida (Under 49)

This line OPENED at Florida -8.5. I get that Tennessee was embarrassed by Georgia Tech, but did Vegas just miss the fact that Florida didn’t score an offensive touchdown against Michigan? This was a super easy pick at Tennessee +8.5. It’s pretty easy at +5, too. I’m surprised Florida is favored. Because of that, I’ll take Tennessee and the points and hope as a fan that Florida wins by a field goal.

The total is an easy pick, too. Florida can’t score and the defense won’t allow scoring until the 4th when they wear out. Not thinking this is a high scoring affair.

Utah State vs. Wake Forest (Under 49)

Wake is terrible and they’re favored by 11.5. Under it is!

There you have it. We went 9-3 last week. I feel pretty good about my chances this week, but then again, don’t I always?


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