Aaron It Out: Irmageddon 

Irma has hit hard. But we are resilient. By the example of Houston, by the example of the Gulf Coast and New Orleans, and many others, we will rebuild. Some lost little, some lost all. Many could have lost their lives, but didn’t because we were ready. We will build our lives back up. Homes can be replaced. We will come out stronger than ever, and be glad for things like football to distract us for a few hours.

Now, your (brief) game predictions:

TEXANS AT BENGALS: anyone actually planning on watching this? Both teams were bad last week but Houston has major issues. Cue the win for Cincy.

BILLS AT PANTHERS: there will be a story about whether the Bills’ coach can beat his old team. Spoiler alert: he can’t. Carolina wins.

BEARS AT BUCS: The Bears are bad and the Bucs spent last week off due to the storm. Tampa wins.

CARDINALS AT COLTS: Indianapolis will not win a game until Luck comes back. Arizona may just win this game unless Palmer plays better.

VIKINGS AT STEELERS: an intriguing matchup and two high powered teams on both sides of the ball. Pittsburgh is my call due to home field.

PATRIOTS AT SAINTS: is anyone expecting New England to not win?

BROWNS AT RAVENS: Baltimore looked surprisingly not bad last week. They will have a two game streak to start the season.

EAGLES AT CHIEFS: Kansas City looks legit. They should win this one.

TITANS AT JAGUARS: Jacksonville surprised the heck out of everyone last week. Let’s hope they can keep their level of play high as they battle the Titans. I think the Jags will win.


DOLPHINS AT CHARGERS: no west coast hangover and looking to make a strong debut… I think Miami wins here.

COWBOYS AT BRONCOS: I think Denver’s defense wins them the game. They are pretty evenly matched offensively.

NINERS AT SEAHAWKS: Who cares, they both stink. I’ll say San Francisco.

REDSKINS AT RAMS: Washington should have the talent to win this. I’m just wondering how many will be there to watch it.

PACKERS AT FALCONS: Atlanta upgraded its defense in the offseason. This will be a replay if the NFC Championship. Falcons score their first win inside Megatron’s butthole.

LIONS AT GIANTS: New York looked anemic last week. Detroit steals one on the road.

See you guys next week for a full length column!


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