Sprint Option: Labor Day Weekend

It’s here! It’s here!

College football has finally returned and with it, my primary reason for writing this blog. Thank the good Lord for college football.

First, I have been on vacation in the Cascades for the past week, so the first Bet the Board was regrettably delayed until week 2–I have had no service and the lines weren’t available on the games.

Second, I apologize for the dearth of articles over the summer. That’s squarely on me and due in no small part to the toxic conflation of politics with sports. As the editor, I lacked the desire to post anything for fear of my message getting hijacked by some stupid cause du jour. (It also didn’t help things that my Braves are terrible and our best baseball writer bailed to get drunk, teach college kids, and ramble about fiction–some of those things happen at different times.)

What I’m really saying is: blame Caleb, I’m not all that sorry, and screw your politics. College football is back! Let’s get to the Option!

Florida pretends to field an offense for the 9th straight season…

We all knew how this was probably gonna go. Then, the Gators suspended ten players because apparently wire fraud is the groovy new thing college athletes are doing these days. Many of the players weren’t starters; however, standout wideout Antonio Callaway and starting tailback Jordan Scarlett were the notables missing from the field. Go. Gators. The defense showed out until they wore out and the quarterbacking by committee proved, yet again, Florida hasn’t had a signal caller worth a damn since Tebow. Of note, Florida scored 17 with the defense accounting for 14 of those points.

Michigan showed itself to be the better team outright, but also took advantage of the gift of Florida’s suspensions. Michigan can flat play and they are fast as can be on defense. They look to be the way-too-early team to beat in the B1G.

Florida may finish behind Vandy.

Tech gains 655 yards of offense on Tennessee, loses…

Le sigh. But, TaQuon Marshall is the week 1 Heisman. I’ll write up more on this game later this week, but UT should not be ranked next week. They will, but they shouldn’t be.

The Vols seem hell bound and determined to make it a close game with a really bad Florida team. Oh well, Butch gonna Butch. Also, Tennessee’s new team symbol is a garbage can. Yes, really.

TAMU blows a 44-10 lead vs. UCLA…

Yes. If ever there was a coach put on a win-or-die clock after week 1, it’s Kevin Sumlin. On the UCLA side, you have to think that Rosen may actually be a Heisman candidate. This displeases me.

VT holds off late WVU charge

This game was incredible television. Both VPI and WVU have solid teams with solid coaching. Holgersen is still insane. Grier seems to be settling into his own as a Mountaineer. Even with the loss, I’m bullish on them to win the Big XII and be held out of the playoff, because reasons.

Overrated Florida State drops to Alabama, loses Francois for the season…

Florida State is a low top ten team, please no calls or letters. However, they provided us a high profile demonstration on why the preseason rankings are trash. They executed poorly, but the OL did not seem ready to play. Nowhere was that more evident than how they failed to protect their passer. As a result, Francois is out for the rest of the season with a torn patella. Listen, Francois got absolutely mauled last year, so spare yourselves the delusion that it was all about Bama. The line is garbage and the inevitable finally happened. I feel terrible for this kid. He really is a great player and now he has an arduous recovery ahead of him. Keep in mind, Victor Cruz was hurt in the same way. He didn’t recover. Even if Florida State is a team you hate, pity Francois and root for him to come back. His career may very well have ended in Atlanta on Saturday.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I didn’t have a lot of time to watch ball games while hiking all over creation. Bet the Board returns next week! College football is back, baby!


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