It’s a Bortmergency

Stop the presses, hold the phone, do a double-take, now do a spit-take.

Blake Bortles is not a franchise quarterback?

You mean to tell me that Bortles was coached by yes-men and given time to “develop” by one of the most hands-off, sunshine-and-rainbows-y coaches that has ever held a head coaching job in the NFL, and he’s not good?

Bortles, who in multiple games last year, actively threw at the feet of his receivers?

He who had those foot-throws intercepted?

You’re telling me now, you’re realizing now, that Blake Bortles is not good?  That he may, in fact, be bad?

Just… just wait a minute.

Radio says he is okay!  Hays Carlyon, who went insane and left the Times-Union, and surely hasn’t been influenced by eternal yes-man Frank Frangie, said that Bortles looked “sharp” on Tuesday.

Tuesday was the day that the “keep that [expletive deleted] in bounds!” video clip occurred.  Yes, Future Franchise Wide Receiver And One Of The Best Players On the Jaguars Allen Robinson was frustrated with Blake Bortles.

But he looked sharp!

The Official Television Stations of the Jaguars, the CBS and Fox stations not owned by Clear Channel anymore but who really cares, everything else in this city is consolidated, said that while things are “concerning” we also should be okay!

You see, it’s because he’s not going to throw as much, which should limit him from being crappy!

Oh, and of course, there’s the argument that “there’s no one that can step in to start, that is as good as Bortles.”

I’m sorry?

I’m pretty sure that both Chad Henne and Brandon Allen, the other quarterbacks on the Jaguars roster, have not thrown Foot Interceptions, or Footerceptions, before (or at least, they haven’t for a while).

I’m pretty sure that Colin Kaepernick has still not signed with a team and oh, hey, he has kinda been to the Super Bowl.

I’m also pretty sure that the Vikings traded for Sam doggone Bradford last year like a month before the season and won five games to start.  They eventually lost more than they won, but five wins is an improvement over what the Jags had last year.

So basically, this entire post is saying: you saw the problems last year.  You had an entire offseason to address them.  And now, pretending that the problems don’t exist anymore isn’t working.  In an Aaron It Out from last year, I spent a good portion of the lede talking about Bortles’ problems.  He went to work on his mechanics this offseason, but when it’s mental issues, you can’t fix those quite as easily.  The coaching staff could have addressed this, but now it’s coming back to bite them.

So what happens?  Sign a guy.  Eventually move on from Bortles (or release him and take the cap hit now), admit the experiment’s over.  He’ll go on to be a backup, and the team can move on.  But I don’t think that this training camp is going to lead to great ticket sales if Bortles is still the Jaguars’ starting quarterback.

Several years ago, Jack Del Rio and Gene Smith (hahahahaha) spent an entire offseason claiming that Byron Leftwich was their starter.  OTAs, Training Camp, practices, and other factors showed them they were wrong – David Garrard was better, and they made the change.  They were rewarded with a playoff spot that season.

The current administration needs to make a similar move, and it needs to do it ASAP.


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