Not So Dumpster-Fire-Worthy


My name is Aaron, and I’m the person that promised you near the beginning of July that we would run 32 NFL team previews over the course of the weeks leading up to the start of the NFL regular season.  If you’ve been keeping track, that has not happened.

That is mainly because, on July 16, I became a father for the second time – my wife gave birth to a tiny, incredibly cute baby girl five weeks early.  Five weeks, in which I intended to write many, many words about the NFL.

However, life throws you a curveball, and God brings you blessings when you least expect them, and here we are.  Mother and baby are doing well and big brother is thrilled.  The multiple overnight feedings are more than worth it.  I hope you all, our spectacular readers, understand.

Since it is August and college football is even more around the corner than the NFL, Gavin has Sprint Options, an unfinished series about paying amateur athletes, and previews to write, so our NFL previews are going to have a bit of an alteration.

Beginning in the next few days, Dumpster Fire Scenario (the next generation) will come in 8 installments, breaking down each division, using the same focus from the perspective of “who will win/lose the division” instead of an individual team.  I hope to bring the same quality of the first preview to our site, as always, without attempting to engineer some sort of schlocky narrative that you don’t  need to enjoy the story; the teams are plenty compelling on their own.

Also, be on the lookout for Gavin’s college previews (some of the most compelling writing you will see outside of Tim Tebow’s motivational books), and the first editions of Sprint Option and Bet the Board should roll out soon enough.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued readership!


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