In the hallowed halls of Bench Points, there has been silence.  But no more!

We would like to present you with DUMPSTER FIRE SCENARIO, our 32-team, comprehensive, 2017-season-preview look at the National Football League.

It’s hot, we need content, so let’s bring some to you!

Launching on Friday, Dumpster Fire Scenario will break down mine and Gavin’s points of view on each NFL team.  We will (hopefully) alternate posts and go division by division in each conference.

You can look for such content as STAFFING MATRIX, where we break down the head coach and GM situation, and the hot seat or lack thereof; STORY OF ’17, where we will bring you the one major challenge the team will face and be its story throughout the season; FRESH FACES, a spotlight on the free agency and draft acquisitions of the team; SIDE TO SIDE, noting which side of the ball will have the most impact on the outcome of the team’s games; THE REAL MVP, a player or two that will have the most impact on the team’s success or failure; and BENCH POINTS PREDICTION, a quick look at the schedule and our call on the team’s record in 2017.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the first edition of DUMPSTER FIRE SCENARIO, coming this Friday!  Thanks for reading!


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