Aaron It Out: My Favorite Super Bowl

It seems like so long ago. It was kind of crazy. But my favorite Super Bowl was very satisfying.

I have several contenders for my favorite SB. Something about the game makes the whole world come together. No matter who the teams are, it is always appointment viewing. Whether we are all mourning the end of football for six months, fascinated by what will happen regardless, or forced to watch by our friends, the Super a Bowl holds a special place in the American culture. It is not just one thing, it is a combination: the action, the stars, a team you like vs. a team you don’t, the commercials, muting Phil Simms or Joe Buck, and so forth.

I didn’t realize this at the beginning of my life, eschewing football watching for pursuits of things such as toys, reading science fiction, and watching Thundercats and Transformers. The first game I remember really watching and caring about was SB 30, although I was partially interested in 29. My memory starts with 30, though. It took me a long time to begin to enjoy football, I will admit. That Cowboys – Steelers matchup was a fun game, though, and it was a contest between each of my parents’ favorite teams. Pretty cool.

That isn’t my favorite, because as I have grown older I enjoy a good story with my football. My fave is probably the best story in recent memory. 2008. Super Bowl 42.

Yes, Giants-Pats.

It may be an easy pick but it is a truthful one. The Pats went in heavily favored, and ready to complete their perfect season. They had already beaten the Giants at the end of the regular season. It was their time.

And then, with a ridiculous sack evasion and an even more ridiculous catch, perfection was refused; dominance was shunned; the narrative was irrevocably altered.

David Tyree, who didn’t do much before or after, is a Super Bowl legend.

Eli Manning began adding more to his resume for the Hall of Fame.

And the Patriots, who nobody likes still, were taken down.

It was beautiful and satisfying, especially for people who stayed up late to watch the game and had to work the next day.

And until the Jaguars make the big game, that will remain my favorite.


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