Sprint Option: Week 5

Well, this past weekend was exciting and saw games come down to the wire. Sadly, those games just proved that the truly excellent teams are miles and miles ahead of everyone else. For Gator fans, everything is awful and everyone is terrible. 

Let’s get to the option!

Gators struggle with the conference whipping boy, barely escape…

Vandy continues to be an under darling, but the story here is how bad Florida looked on offense and defense. The players looked bored and flat, while the coaching was basic and unimaginative. I get that you don’t want to show anything to Vandy, but winning by six shows the rest of the conference plenty. It’s hard to get excited about a Gator win against a team that was throttled by Georgia Tech, a terrible ACC team. Florida plays an renewed LSU team next weekend who actually appear competent after the Les Miles firing. The Florida team that showed up in Nashville will lose by 20 to the LSU team from this past weekend. The Gators are bad. Prepare to ride out a tough season if you’re a Gator fan. 

Georgia Tech outing spoiled by 90 seconds of fail…

All things being equal, Tech went punch for punch with Miami, who is clearly a superior team this season. But, the Jackets managed to spot Miami 14 points by having two strip sacks of QB, Thomas, turn into touchdowns by way of scoops and scores. Margin of loss: 14 points. I’m not saying Tech wins if they take care of the football, but as much of a heater as Miami is on with Richt, you certainly can’t spot them 14 free points. Oddly enough, Miami is a dark horse playoff team this season and that should be all the proof you need to say that Al Golden should never get another head coaching job. 

Tennessee beats Georgia on Hail Mary, ruins everything…

On the bright side, the SEC East conspiracy to retain Butch Jones in Knoxville is holding true. It was seriously in doubt when Georgia scored with only a few seconds left. An idiotic Bulldog penalty impacted the final spot of the ball and gave Tennessee a deep chuck yardage short enough for the human howitzer, Josh Dobbs, to get the ball to the end zone. For those who have despised Florida and Georgia fans for the past decade, let me introduce you to the granddaddy of them all: the obnoxious Tennessee fan. God forbid they beat Alabama on the Third Saturday in October. There’s nothing more dangerous to the enjoyment of college football than a good Tennessee football team. Not to worry, though. Butch Jones will make a stupid call that costs his team the game–he always does. I’d just rather it happen sooner than later. Also, the entire secondary for Georgia should still be running. How do you let a receiver you have quintuple covered high point the football?! So bad. 

Texas put on upset alert and beaten…by a team that was favored…

Oklahoma State roasted Texas. It was bad. Texas couldn’t defend and couldn’t keep up in a barn burner. Strong is on thin ice at this point. It’s hard to imagine a Texas team with him at the helm next season. Personally, I don’t think it’s fair, given the mess he inherited. But, those are the breaks. Texas has a long tradition of mediocrity to uphold and it’s not going to do that by winning 8 games a year…oh wait… Seriously, though, take away the national title and the “Texas tradition of winning” is a load of crap. I don’t know who you go after to upgrade from Strong. Maybe Les Miles? It’s hard to imagine Texas going for another coordinator, but if they do, go pull Venables from Clemson and back the money truck up for him. Better yet, just keep Strong. 

FSU’s season ended by a kicker…for UNC…

Yes, really. Two conference losses ether the Noles’ ACC/playoff aspirations. Now, while I’m not afraid to admit I dislike Florida State personally, I have a serious question: what the hell happened to your defense? The John McKay quote of “well, we didn’t tackle well today, but we made up for it by not blocking,” was designed for FSU after that game. Also, it’s nice to see Dalvin Cook actually running like a Heisman hopeful. However, this loss nailed that coffin shut for him. Now that FSU isn’t relevant as a team, Cook isn’t either as a potential Heisman player. I’m not sure how he keeps giving it effort knowing he’s got Sunday football in his future and that his team is out of contention. Also, how about the UNC kicker trolling Doak? I found it hilarious, but was also surprised that Osceola didn’t run him down on Renegade. I’d tell him to act like he’d been there before, but A) he’s a kicker and B) it’s UNC. He most definitely has not been there before. 

Stanford obliterated by Washington, McCaffrey toast…

I was never high on McCaffrey to begin the season, especially after it became clear that Shaw was not going to deploy him as a scoring back. For better or for worse, the Heisman is a stats award. You can get all the yards you want, but unless you convert touchdowns, you’re going to lose the award to someone who does. It’s that simple. Stanford was annihilated on Friday night. The Huskies now have the easiest path to the playoff in the PAC. Quite frankly, I would not be surprised if they competed for and subsequently won the national championship. I don’t think I’ll make them my pick yet, but it won’t take much more convincing after this weekend. The beating they gave Stanford was total and any designs for the Heisman for McCaffrey were run out of the stadium with the rest of the team. 

Clemson mauls Louisville in Death Valley…fans rush the field…still look dumb in the process…

Listen, I get it. I know it’s a tradition that you rush the field every game in Clemson. My rooting interests only have done it on marquis wins (Tech) or not at all (Florida). No, seriously, you do not rush the field in the Swamp, you will be tased. That said, it’s just a ridiculous tradition to do it every game. But, I digress, and to each their own. This was the best game of the entire weekend and both Clemson and Louisville looked like two of the best teams in the country. For the past few years, we have lamented FSU and Clemson being in the same division and not getting to square off for the conference title. Well, go ahead and throw Louisville in there since they too are in the Atlantic. However, if you’re an ACC fan, you can’t be too mad this year. If Louisville and Clemson both win out, I think they both have a case to go to the playoff. I think they go as the 2 and 4 seeds, so they have a chance at a rematch for the national championship–but after watching Washington, I’m not convinced Louisville gets in outright with only 1 loss. Both quarterbacks had their Heisman moments in this game, and it became clear early that whoever won would be able to point to this game as the game. As long as both teams take care of business, I think they’ll both go to the CFP. Of course, that bars any dreamcrushing by Florida State who gets to play spoiler for Clemson. 

All in all the weekend was excellent in terms of excitement. I’m not sure what more you can  ask for. We now head into the October slate which consists of mostly conference games. This season has been fairly ridiculous to begin with. It’ll only get worse as we go along. Hold on tight!


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