Bet the Board: Week 3

Apologies to our readers, we did not have a bet the board or a sprint option as the result of my truck getting stolen from my driveway. Seems like Quan got the better of me this time–I know his name is Quan because the genius paired his iPhone to my truck. I digress. The point is: Bet the Board and the Sprint Option are back.

Let’s get to it. As always, the favorite is on the left and the points are shown on the pick side.

Florida State -2 vs. Louisville

I mean, come on. FSU is going to frustrate both Florida State fans and anti-Florida State fans equally this year it seems. Think 2014. Jimbo is the idiot savant of halftime adjusters. He lulls you into a false sense of superiority with his folksy auctioneer act–seriously, just try to follow him in a press conference–then, *wham*, Florida State comes out with the best second half game plan you’ve ever seen. Every. Single. Week. I do not think that Petrino will have Louisville ready to play and, while I ordinarily sanction taking the points on the home team when the line is less than 5, I cannot imagine that FSU will lose this game. That said, do you know how hard it is to win a game by two or less? Lay the points. The Noles win by at least a field goal, most likely a touchdown or two.

Michigan -20.5 vs. Colorado

Poor Colorado. Michigan has looked like world beaters so far this season. Despite the eye test, Michigan has played nobody. That streak continues this weekend. Michigan has put up more than 50 points in their first two games, I have no reason to expect anything less here. Colorado is on par with UCF. Lay the points here. Coach Khaki will run up the score for the third week in a row. I’m uncertain on the over here, since I don’t think Colorado scores more than 10. Maybe.

Georgia Tech vs. Vanderbilt +7 (Under 43.5)

So, here’s the deal. Georgia Tech is bad. Boston College stole defeat from the jaws of victory in Ireland and the Jackets went on to look even less impressive–if possible–against Mercer. The touted front seven for the GT defense has been underwhelming thusfar, and the secondary is young. Vanderbilt lost its nerve down the stretch against South Carolina, and should have won the game. Had they won, this line would be reversed. Vandy appears to be set to have another one of the countries top defenses–no, I’m not actually kidding–and Tech has looked anemic on offense. I am in love with the Under play with Vandy almost every week, I see this going no differently. It will be a low scoring affair. I will gladly take a full touchdown buffer on Vanderbilt here, and they may win outright.

Miami -3.5 vs. App State

Again, are we serious with this line? Yes, it’s in Boone. Yes, App State almost hilariously tuned up Tennessee. But, Miami has the better team and if there’s anything we can count on, it’s Death, Taxes, and Tennessee’s hysterical and unwarranted expectations (see here). I’m taking a cover here and I’m thinking Miami wins by two scores. Kaaya is the best passer in the country, and Richt has the team rolling. Miami will be dialed in since App State is the last opponent before ACC play begins for the Canes. On a related note, I don’t think App State is going to be able to schedule any decent team anymore. I wouldn’t want to play them.

Ohio State -1 vs. Oklahoma

Ohio State is only a 1 point favorite against Oklahoma. A notable fact about Oklahoma: THEY LOST TO HOUSTON. After watching Houston play Cincinnati, I’m convinced that Houston is vastly overrated. Cincinnati gave Houston more fits than Oklahoma. Ohio State has one of the top 5 teams in the country in terms of talent, Oklahoma doesn’t. Moreover, Stoops has proven that he lacks the mental agility to coach a successful football team in a close game. This is basically a pick’em, so lay the point and get the win. I don’t actually think this will be close at all. This feels like stealing.

Alabama -11 vs. Ole Miss (Under 54.5)

So, an Ole Miss win is pretty much out of the question here. I’m pretty sure Saban losing three years straight to Mississippi is one of the things that happens when the seals are broken in Revelations. All kidding aside, an Alabama win is one thing, winning by 11+ is something else entirely. I’m not sure the Tide will be letting off the gas in this game. Nick isn’t known for being petty, but I’m not so sure about Kiffin. Plus, with the lambasting Kiffin received earlier this year, I think he’s too scared to implement a conservative gameplan. Keep in mind, Kiffin was eviscerated by Saban in a blowout. The man is intense, it’s best not to anger him. Just score points, Lane. It’s not worth your life. On defense, the Tide allowed more points against Mississippi than any other opponent last year. Dreams will be crushed. Hit the under hard on this one, I don’t think Chad Kelly has the weapons to score in the upper 20s. So let it be written, so let it be done.

In future weeks, Bet the Board will be up more in the middle of the week. For now, you’ll have to use it as crash course material leading up to the noon games, which include a top 10 matchup this week.

They really dropped the ball on the scheduling this weekend.


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