5th and 10: Thoughts from my Couch Week 17


We are in the Golden age of television. There are so many great shows and so many ways to watch them. If you enjoy epic dramas like The Wire, 24, or Game of Thrones. You know a lot of great stuff happens on the penultimate episode. And then the season finale is used to tie up any loose ends or set up a nice cliffhanger to bring you back next season. While all the shows mentioned above are great. The best drama on TV is still live sports. And the penultimate week of the regular season lived up to the hype.

We had major characters (Cam and Tom Brady) unexpectedly get into trouble. Some of our hero’s even had their season die right before their eyes, sorry Big Ben. And we have Ryan Fitzpatrick channel is inner Jack Bauer and take down the bad guy. With all the drama of Week 16, we still have some loose ends to tie up this Sunday.

As always, here is what I’m watching for heading into week 17;

  • Don’t assume anything. Almost all of the NFL’s top teams suffered a surprising loss this weekend. Who would have guessed that the Panthers, Patriots, Bengals, Seahawks, Steelers and Packers would lose? Just another reason why this year’s playoffs are going to be amazing. If you make the playoffs, you could win it all. Except the Houston Texans. Let’s not get crazy.


  • A good loss? I think the Panthers losing a game will be great for them. There is no pressure of going undefeated. They don’t have to hear ridiculous statements like “they are the worst 14-0 team ever”. Now they can just focus on being Super Bowl champions. This loss can bring them back together, refocus the team, and motivate them as they go into the playoffs.


  • A great Loss! The Panthers loss was amazing for the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona now has a chance at the top seed and home field advantage. If the Cards can get home field, the Super Bowl is theirs to lose. Arizona avoided upset weekend and destroyed the Packers. One of the top Offenses and Defenses in the league. And the NFL is finally letting coach Arians wear his Kangol on the sideline!


  • Bloggers are always right. It’s really fun to see all the articles about how stupid Bill Belichick is to kick the ball in overtime. If the Patriots would have won, those same people would have been writing what a genius he is. Can’t we just say that it is interesting when coaches go against the numbers and go with their gut? They make a choice that they think is best for their team. And sometimes it doesn’t work out. Hindsight is always 20/20. Guess what, General Custer shouldn’t have attacked. I must be a war expert.


  • Stop asking, I like it! I think everyone likes the Redskins right now. Kurt Cousins is making himself so much money! What perfect timing to have the best stretch of games in your career. Isn’t it funny that the 8-7 Redskins can rest their starters because they are locked in to their playoff seed, while the Panthers are 14-1 and have to fight this week to stay where they are? Good ol’ NFC East!


  • Everyone was watching. A great Monday Night Football had the attention of the entire country last night. The Bengals/Broncos game had implications on every AFC playoff team. In a close game between two good defenses and two decent back up QB’s the Broncos came out on top. I would love to see a rematch in a few weeks. Hopefully with both teams healthy. On a side note to all my Bronco fans out there, how confident are you that Brandon McManus can make a big kick in the playoffs? He looked a little nervous last night.


  • Who’s #1? Now that most fantasy seasons are over, we can start thinking about next year. Two young running backs are making a strong case to be the top overall pick. David Johnson and Todd Gurley look amazing right now. But who will be brave enough to take a RB #1 after all the disasters this year. If you drafted Lynch, Anderson, Charles, or Bell you might be a little gun-shy. Also, please don’t tell my wife that I’m already thinking about 2016 fantasy football.


  • Make it more interesting. Can we please allow Phillip Rivers to play for the Houston Texans the rest of the season? It would just make everything better. It’s going to be sad watching Brandon Weeden in the playoffs. Or better yet, how about we just let the Steelers in the playoffs and we’ll let all the Texans go to the Pro Bowl.


  • Matchup of the Week. Seahawks @ Cardinals, Vikings @ Packers, and every AFC game. Sunday is going to be great! Do yourself a favor, sit down and watch football all day. Or, binge watch Game of Thrones and come read this blog next week and I’ll tell you what happened.


  • Three Team Parley: GB -3, Ari -4.5, Den -7.5, Car-10.5, Pit -10, Jax +6.5, and Cin-7.5. In honor of my brother in law Brady’s Birthday, we are going out with a bang. 7 Team Parley! Oh man, we are going to be rich! This will make up for all the losses and pay for our trip to Vegas in March. If not, we can always eat some McDonalds.




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