5th and 10: Thoughts from my Couch Week 16

Cam Newton

As we head towards the end of the year, it’s only natural to look back. I’m sure like many of you, I’ve had some pretty major changes this year. It was an eventful year that as I look back on, was probably one of my most difficult. But with any challenge comes an opportunity for success. Sometimes with the stress and pressure of everyday life it is hard to focus on the wonderful little things in life.

My brother and sister in law visited us this past weekend. We haven’t seen them in years. It was so wonderful to have them in town because we forced ourselves to slow life down. The only plans we made all weekend was to hang out with them. As I sat back and watched my kids play with their aunt and uncle, it was a wonderful reminder to focus on the good things you have. For me, my family is amazing. From California to Colorado, and down here in Florida. Every single one of them is a blessing to me and I need to do a better job of making sure they know how special they are to me.

I hope if you have read this blog every single week, or this is your first time, you have an amazing Christmas. I really do appreciate you taking the time to read and enjoy all the feedback. The NFL season has been crazy, amazing, and unpredictable. As we head into Week 16, that means we’ve been together for over 4 months now! Like I said, it’s only natural to look back, but let’s only focus on the few predictions I got right and not the many, many things I got wrong.

As always, here’s what I’m looking for heading into week 16;


  • Tough Guy Contest. Everyone was so excited to see Odell Beckham Jr. take on Josh Norman. I’ve never seen two individual players so pumped to face each other. It was obvious that both players wanted to prove something. Norman got in OBJ’s head. Beckham should have been ejected for a late hit to the head on Norman. Beckham scored a game tying TD late but had dropped one earlier. To me, advantage Norman. I loved it.


  • Give that man an Emmy! To the producer of the Panthers/Giants game for cutting to Cam Newton seconds after Odell scored the late TD and was celebrating like my wife does when she picks the fastest check out line at the grocery store. The camera caught Cam give a cool little nod, as he says to himself, that’s nice, now watch what I can do. Newton has taken it to the highest level this year. Of course Newton led the Panthers to a game winning FG. This was Cam showing Mr. Beckham that if you are truly the man, you don’t have to tell people you’re the man.


  • Irresistible force won. I was hoping the immovable object could pull it out. But Big Ben, Antonio Brown and the rest of the Steelers were as good as advertised. It was death by a thousand paper cuts. It blows my mind that it is very possible that one of these teams might miss out on the playoffs and the Houston Texans will be in.


  • What’s the opposite of Awesome? I was laughing when I thought what turned out to be the AFC South Championship game(Thanks to the Jags somehow losing to the terrible Falcons) was going to be Matt Hasselbeck vs. TJ Yates. But it got even better. For a little while we had Charlie Whitehurst vs. Brandon Weeden. Good job AFC South, you’re going to be like an unofficial bye for an actual NFL team in the playoffs. You know, now that I typed that sentence the Texans will beat the Broncos 63-0.


  • Remember RG3? Me neither! Kirk Cousins is playing great and now that all his weapons are healthy the Redskins are looking good. Washington looks poised to win the NFC East and host a wild card game. The Redskins are borderline unstoppable at home. I could see them beating the Vikings or Seahawks. When they go on the road to face the Cardinals or Panthers…like I said, let’s focus on the positive things right now.


  • Here’s a Theory… I think that once the Chiefs lost Jamal Charles and fell to 1-5 the NFL felt sorry for them and told them they can start playing with 12 players on each side of the ball, they only need to get 8 yards for each first down, and they will schedule all the terrible teams for them the rest of the year. How else can a team start out so terrible, lose its best player, and then go on an 8 game winning streak. Unfortunately no one has watched a Chiefs game in the last two months, so this remains just a theory.


  • Honey Badger. Do you know what else starts with HB? Heart Broken. Which is what every Cardinal fan feels right now after their stud defensive back was hurt late in a blow out Sunday night. This is a huge blow to one of the NFL’s best teams. Hurry Back Honey Badger.


  • You still have Ron Burgundy? The Chargers might have played their last game in San Diego. There is a vote in January but it seems like they are moving to L.A. Now the San Diego fans will have an excuse not to go to the games and they can go back to enjoying their perfect weather, delicious burritos, and Blink 182. We’ll always have Danny Woodhead.


  • Matchup of the Week: Cin @ Den and Was @ Phi! Two monster games with a ton of playoff implications on the line. With the Bengals and Broncos it basically is the winner gets a first round bye. If the Broncos lose, they could easily miss the playoffs entirely! We again have battle of the backups here, McCarron vs. Osweiler! Get excited. On Saturday we have the Redskins vs. Eagles. Winner takes the NFC East. Anything could happen here and I wouldn’t be surprised. Great weekend of football!


  • Three team Parley: Den-3.5, Jax +3.5, Was +3. We accidently won last week! Well, technically we pushed on one of the games. But we didn’t lose! Don’t get used it. On the other hand, I had Santa check my bets twice, and he said this is our week!




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