5th and 10: Thoughts from my Couch Week 15


Life is full of surprises. Some, good. Some, not so good. My surprise came when I’m driving to work and I start listening to the BenchPoints annual Podcast. I couldn’t make it to the taping of this podcast because I’m so cool and popular I already had plans. The podcasts are always entertaining, I was a fan before Gavin and Caleb let me join them. But my pleasant surprise came when the boys not only talked about the NFL for quite awhile to begin the pod, but they talked about my beloved Broncos!

For all you BenchPoint fans who were relieved to find out I wasn’t recording that day, who thought you would get a break from me spinning every topic to how it relates to my Colorado teams. So sorry. Gavin and Caleb represented the 303 for me and I couldn’t have been happier. But there are so many teams to talk about, not just the Broncos who somehow lost to the Raiders! Weekends like this are why we love being football fans.

As always, here is what I’m looking for going into Week 15;

  • Red Rifle Jammed. I don’t know if it is because the Bengals just can’t have nice things or because the Patriots are so freaking lucky. But after somehow losing to the Eagles and dropping to 3rd place in the AFC the Patriots watch the Bengals lose their leader and everyone’s favorite ginger QB. Playoffs will be interesting, as the Bengals, Patriots and Broncos have been crushed with injuries this year.


  • Next man up. It wasn’t just Andy Dalton who went down this weekend. Thomas Rawls, Tyler Eifert, Legarrette Blount, and Greg Olson were all injured this week. Most of these gentlemen can be replaced in real life. But if you had these guys in your first round fantasy matchup…at least there are 78 crappy bowl games to watch pretty soon.


  • Buyers Remorse. As you finish up your Christmas shopping soon. Beware the tale of the Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos. Both teams thought they locked up top-level talent in Demarco Murray and Demaryius Thomas. But little did they know that Demarco used up all of his explosiveness last year and DT has no idea how to catch a football. Think about that when you are thinking about buying that glow in the dark left-handed whisk.


  • Mack Daddy. Khalil Mack was amazing on Sunday. 5 sacks in one game! He single handedly terrorized Brock Osweiler. Was this football karma because I made fun of the Raiders last week for no good reason? We’ll never know. But on a completely separate subject, The Pittsburgh Steelers are a class organization filled with good-looking men who are excellent players.


  • Jump on now! Better hurry, the Jacksonville Jaguar bandwagon is filling up. All of a sudden the Jags are fun to watch, have multiple quality fantasy stars, just put 51 up on the Colts, and next year get Dante Fowler back from injury plus $60 million in cap space to help out a poor defense. So hop on the bandwagon now, or hop in the pool they have at their stadium, that looks fun.


  • Road Warriors. Just like Mad Max, Jay Gruden and the Redskins were able to survive on the road this weekend. They picked a great time to get their first road win of the year. Cousins is still playing well and now Jordan Reed looks unstoppable. Skin’s are my pick to make it out of the sad little NFC East.


  • EZ PZ. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a game like Carolina vs. Atlanta. The Panthers could do whatever they wanted with ease. And the Falcons let them with out putting up a fight. Remember when the Falcons were 5-0? Remember how the Panthers are going to e 16-0?


  • Do the Dougie. Remember when that dance was popular? My last three sentences have started with Remember when…I feel like Chris Farley. YouTube it kids! Back to Doug Baldwin. 8 TD’s in his last three games. If you just started watching football three weeks ago, you would think Baldwin is the best receiver ever. That may be a stretch but Mr. Baldwin has the Seahawks looking scary and is going to win a lot of people their fantasy leagues.


  • Matchup of the Week: Buccaneers vs. Rams. Just kidding. What a terrible game that nobody should watch. While you’re at it, skip the Saturday night game too. The game is obviously Broncos/Steelers. The Steelers will try to figure out how to score on Denver’s strong defense. And the Broncos will try to convince Demaryius to just stay home and catch up on Gothem.


  • Three team Parley: NYJ -3, N.E. -14, NYG +5. if you actually bet real money on these games based on my advice. I know what I’m getting you for Christmas…therapy. On the other hand, my friend Han Solo said this is our week!




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