5th and 10: Thoughts from my Couch Week 13


I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t turn off the Thanksgiving NFL games no matter how bad they were. It’s tradition; you have to watch the Lions and Cowboys on Thanksgiving. But these games were boring blowouts that were hard to watch unless you are a Lions or Panthers fan. Luckily I was in a turkey-induced coma for most of the Cowboys/Panthers game so it went by fast. We were saved by the night game where the Bears upset the Packers on Brett Favre night. But it doesn’t really matter. A day in which I’m encouraged to eat twice as much as normal, sit around, watch football and look at ads for stuff I don’t need… the score of the games just doesn’t seem that important.

Hope ya’ll had a great thanksgiving weekend with your families, fantasy teams, and a full slate of NFL. No More Bye Weeks!

As always, here is what I’m looking for going into Week 13;

  • Book it. This January we WILL be watching the Cardinals take on the Panthers in Carolina for the NFC Championship. The Seahawks defense is no more, The Packers didn’t realize how much they would miss Jordy Nelson, and Teddy Bridgewater just isn’t quite good enough yet. Way too early prediction Cards 25 Panthers 19


  • First loss ever? Everyone loves to say that Father Time is undefeated. But Adrian Peterson might change that. AP seems to be getting better with age. He’s 30 years old, which is about 86 in Running Back years. Peterson is just better than everyone else. He’s so powerful, so fast, and so great. Together with the Vikings incredible defense, Minnesota could be dangerous in the playoffs.


  • U.N. done. It was fun while it lasted. For a little while there, tortured fan bases like the Bills, Jaguars, Falcons, and Rams had dreams of crashing the party and making a playoff appearance this year. Not this year guys. But all these teams made progress and have something to look forward to next year. Except for the Rams of course who refuse to have a good QB play for them.


  • Game of the YEAR! WEEK! Afternoon! The Steelers vs. the Seahawks game was great fun to watch but was quickly topped by the Sunday night game. (I might be a little biased) Who knew that all Russell Wilson needed to have a great game was lose Jimmy Graham. All Big Ben did was throw for the most yards ever against the Seattle franchise. The Legion of Boom made Markus Wheaton look like Jerry Rice. Definitely the 2nd best game of the week.


  • Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow! The weather didn’t stop the Broncos and Patriots from putting on a show Sunday night. Brock Osweiler should be the Broncos QB for the rest of the season. Denver looks much more efficient with him, and he made throws that Peyton just can’t anymore. The Patriots played amazingly well considering how many injuries they have. I almost felt guilty that every single call went against them. Almost.


  • Pain don’t Hurt. In a scary moment for Patriot fans and millions of Fantasy owners everywhere, Rob Gronkowski was carted off the field Sunday night. Luckily for football fans, Gronk is not severely injured and we get to keep watching the greatest Tight End in history.


  • Chip fires Chip. The Eagles General Manager Chip Kelly needs to fire Chip Kelly. It’s not working. Chip needs to focus on coaching. In an interesting rumor, Tennessee might trade for Kelly and reunite Marcus Mariota with his college coach. This seems like it would be great for everyone and makes a lot of sense. So of course it will never happen.


  • MVP! MVP! Quick who is the most valuable player in the AFC South? You could make a case for JJ Watt or Matt Hasselbeck?! JJ Watt is a monster who can’t be stopped and Matt Hasselbeck is a 40 year old guy that I think played in a Super Bowl about 11 years ago. But both are leading their teams to potential playoff berths out of nowhere. Only one is taking over as Papa John’s new best friend.


  • Matchup of the Week: Seahawks @ Vikings. This is a chance for Minnesota to take its place among the Big Boys in the NFC. The Seahawks are beat up and on the road. I don’t like their chances. But if you’ve been following my betting advice this year, you know I’m wrong about 98% of the time.


  • 3 Team Parlay of the Week: GB -3, Minn (pick), Den -4.5. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Let keeps trying. For those of you betting the exact opposite of what I say, you’re rich by now. But asked the mall Santa and he said this is our week!




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