5th and 10: Thoughts from my Couch Week 12


After going back and forth, I’ve decided to act professional today. I know, why start now? There are so many great story lines this season, and Week 11 didn’t disappoint. But part of me really wanted to do a top 25 things I love about Brock Osweiler list in honor of the Denver Broncos new star QB’s 25th birthday.

But like I said, I’m going to be a professional and talk about other teams today. Because the only people who would enjoy a top 25 list about Big Brock would be my family. And people might lose a little respect for me if #14 was going to be how it is awesome that he looks like the dude from Twilight, just without the sparkly skin.

On a serious note for my fellow Bronco fans. Peyton Manning has given us three of the greatest seasons in team history. He is an all-time great player and a true professional. We should take it easy on a guy who might be at the end of his dream job. Peyton was not trying to be bad this year. Quite the opposite. He is probably obsessing over each interception 100 times more than you. His body looks like it just doesn’t have it anymore. But we should be extremely thankful that we had the Sherriff for as long as we did. Thank you PFM.

As always, here is what I’m looking for heading into Week 12;


  • Rollin’ Grass. No, I’m not listening to Snoop in Colorado on my way to a Doug Benson show. I’m talking about how I think it is so amazing that the Arizona Cardinals grow their field outside and then roll the entire thing in on game day. Maybe I’m easily amused but I thought this was cool. Oh by way, the Cardinals look like they may be the team to beat in the NFC. Calm down Panthers fans, more on you later.


  • This one is for Olivia! Green Bay Packer’s fans were so desperate for a reason why Aaron Rodgers wasn’t playing up to his MVP level that they started to blame his girlfriend Olivia Munn. Rodgers responded by dominating the Vikings, taking back control of the NFC North, and still getting to date Olivia Munn. On a related note, Minnesota fans are blaming the loss on Ragnar the Viking’s girlfriend.


  • C.J. 2.0 – Last year if you were lucky enough to pick up CJ Anderson he probably helped lead your team to the Fantasy Championship. This year’s version looks like it could be Thomas Rawls. Baby Beast Mode looked unstoppable on Sunday and could be just what your fantasy team and the Seattle Seahawks need in the playoffs.


  • Admit it! Go ahead, just admit. Say it with me…The Carolina Panthers are really good. Every week people keep waiting for them to crash back down to earth. Instead, they keep getting better and better. I think Cam has decided that a NFL MVP trophy would look nice next to his Heisman. It’s going to be really interesting to see if they can hold on to home field advantage. Because I don’t see anyone going into Arizona and beating the Cards.


  • Poe’s curse. Everything has fallen apart for the Baltimore Ravens. This season is a lost cause and fans can start looking forward to the draft. But Baltimore even messed that up by accidently winning on Sunday. A team that had Super Bowl dreams to start the season, quote the blogger “nevermore”.


  • What the what?! This would be everyone’s reaction in a few weeks when all of a sudden you look at the standings and two AFC South teams are in the playoffs! Entirely possible. The Colts, Texans and Jaguars keep movin on up while teams Raiders, Jets, and Bills are playing like the Raiders, Jets and Bills that we are used to.


  • More to love. Because of a string of Running Back injuries and the fact the Andy Reid and Alex Smith hate their receivers, Dontari Poe scored a rushing TD on Sunday becoming the heaviest player ever to score a touchdown. Dontari will probably hold the record until Thursday when Eddie Lacy scores! Just kidding Eddie, you looked great on Sunday.


  • Thanks! A quick thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their busy day to read this blog every Tuesday. I appreciate all the positive feedback and it has been a blast to do. So tell your friends and be sure to check out the other articles on the Benchpoints blog. Gavin and Caleb write some great stuff every week.


  • Matchup of the Week: Patriots at Broncos. It may not be the matchup of two undefeated teams we were hoping for. And it may not be Manning v Brady 38, but it is still a matchup between two top teams and it should be a fun way to end Thanksgiving weekend.


  • 3 Team Parlay: Phi -5, Car -2, Green Bay -9. This has accidently turned into a comedy section. I am so bad at betting! Please do not bet any of your hard earned money because of my advice. On the other hand, I asked my local turkey farmer and he said this is our week!







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