Sprint Option: Week 12

I’m currently riding shotgun on our drive back from vacation in New Orleans. Side note, is there anything worse than a long drive back from vacation? You’re essentially enduring a long reminder that the fun is over and it’s time to get back to reality. Speaking of segues, the fun is over for Ohio State and Oklahoma State after this weekend. Neither team is dead per se, but adding to the pool of one loss teams never really helps you. All this and more lie in wait in this article. Also, the Bet the Board picks went 9-1 this week, sole loss was OKST on a pick’em. If you’re not riding with us with numbers like this, I don’t know what it’s going to take. 

Let’s get to the Option. 

Ohio State’s shortcomings exploited by Sparty, star Buckeyes indict coaches…

Here we go again, Urban? The fragile facade of discipline Meyer has orchestrated at Ohio State is finally becoming reminiscent of his Wild West days at Florida. Michigan State outplayed OSU, despite the score. If not for a muffed punt recovered by the Buckeyes on the MSU 6, the Spartans might not have needed a game winning field goal. The real storyline here is that Zeke Elliott laid into his coaches in a post-game interview. He put OSU on notice that he would not be returning and expressed anger at the fact that he only got the ball 11 times. For the record, I agree with him. Elliott has the talent to be a Heisman finalist, but they won’t give him the damn ball. Why?! The best part about this is that Ohio State still has a game to play against a really solid Michigan team whose record belies their ability. Ohio State might not be done losing and the wheels are coming off the wagon. We’ll see how Urban’s health holds up. 

Florida is bad, Harris is bad, everything is awful…

In case you missed it–thankfully, I did–Florida had to win in overtime against 2-8 FAU (who is now 2-9). This game was a scoreless tie at half. FAU moved the ball better than they should have and the Owl quarterback, Johnson, had a better day statistically than Treon Harris until overtime where Harris threw the eventual game winning touchdown. Florida missed two field goals and an extra point. How you can be a flagship football school the caliber of Florida and not have a kicker is unfathomable to me. I get that not everyone can get a Roberto Aguayo, but damn. Coach Mac is going to start going for every fourth down inside the 50 and two point conversions after every TD at this rate–not that Florida scores many of those. The Gators draw FSU next week and while FSU isn’t the team they were with Winston, they would have beat the Florida team from this weekend by at least 10. Florida has been trending down ever since Grier was suspended. Mac is right about the team playing like dead fish. They’ve got about 5 days to figure it out. 

Every give-a-damn in the Georgia Tech locker room is broken…

Tech traded blows with beleaguered Miami at the opening but eventually succumbed to the same fatal flaws that have encumbered the Jackets all season–poor execution. Granted, much of the execution problems came when Justin Thomas left the game injured. As important as a quarterback usually is in a offense, he may be 100x more valuable to a triple option offense. Thomas is GT’s lynchpin. Without him, the team is wholly and completely doomed, as we saw. Tech rallied late, but Miami was never really threatened once they pulled away. The win for the Canes served to improve their potential bowl bid, but the game didn’t matter for the division as both teams had been effectively eliminated in October. Georgia Tech basically quit the season after the Miracle on Techwood–some would argue before that. I stand by my assessment that Paul Johnson may have run his course at Tech. They won’t fire him this season, but fans will eventually become restless because of his glass ceiling. Call me a first mover in this space. 

Baylor bounces back, deals Oklahoma State first loss, puts Big XII on the brink…

I stand by my position that one loss Oklahoma is the best chance the Big XII has to make the playoff. Now that TCU has lost again, I don’t think next week’s game has enough power to propel Baylor into the Playoff if Oklahoma loses Bedlam. More on that later this week, but Baylor got out ahead of the Cowboys and cruised after that. OKST closed late, but the margin was too wide to catch Baylor. Before this win, Bedlam between OKST and Oklahoma looked to be a play-in game for the Playoff–not so much now. Let’s be real, though, a one-loss Baylor probably deserves to go based on quality of loss alone–Oklahoma lost to Texas. But the Big XII again may play hell with the committee and again may get left out because it’s easier than untangling that knot of a conference. 

Gary Patterson is an idiot coach who let his players down…

Seriously. Oklahoma opened up a comfortable 4th quarter margin on TCU, and the Horned Frogs slowly chipped away at the lead before scoring the potential tying score with under a minute remaining. Patterson went for two and the win, with a backup QB and a team that had just left everything on the field to get back into the game. What in the actual hell are you doing, Gary?! Kick the point and go to overtime. You had momentum and you had held Oklahoma to the same score for almost 13 minutes of game time. Patterson killed TCU’s postseason hopes with that crap. If I’m a TCU fan, I’m still unbelievably furious that my idiot coach pulled that stunt. Now, if the game had been punch for punch or you had Boykin, maybe I like this call more. But, to lose on a failed conversion after clawing back the game is beyond the pale. Coach Patterson left his players out in the cold for the sake of his own ego. That’s a bad look, G. 

Notre Dame struggles to hang with powerhouse Boston College team…

Yes, that’s sarcasm. Notre Dame almost dropped this game to unranked BC and we want to put them in the playoff. The Notre Dame hype is real. They just aren’t good enough to be a top 4 team. New Year’s 6? Sure. But, BC lost to Wake 3-0! In football! Yes, the BC defense is exceptional, but to allow that offense to keep close to you is embarrassing. Notre Dame ought to drop in the polls. This performance is every bit as embarrassing as Florida’s.

Iowa is a fraud, and may succeed at their long con…

The Hawkeyes stuck it to Purdue this weekend to remain undefeated. The fact that they are undefeated in the West is an indictment of the B1G West. They are fraudulently overrated, but now that they’ll probably face Sparty in the conference championship, they may be an undefeated B1G champion. And, you had better believe that an undefeated Power 5 champion goes. I think Iowa is a good team, I just don’t believe they’re one of the top 4 teams in the country. But that opens the door to the best 4 vs. most deserving 4 argument, and I don’t want to get into that right now. Still, Iowa is the freshest of any team in the conference because they haven’t played anyone worth a damn. So, the likelihood of the Hawkeyes playing in a national semifinal is pretty high. 

Mississippi destroyed LSU and kept their SEC hopes alive…

For the record, I still don’t understand how Les Miles is under fire or “coaching for his job.” The man has 110 wins in 11 seasons! How can you fire someone like that? Crazy. The Rebels had to win to stay in the hunt for the SEC West. Now, they need Alabama to inexplicably drop the Iron Bowl and then Ole Miss will have a rematch against the Gators in Atlanta for the conference title. At this point, if Bama loses that game, I’m not sure the SEC gets someone in the playoff with how bad UF has looked and the fact that Mississippi has 3 losses. 


UNC upsets Clemson in the ACCCG and makes it into the top 4 to play for the national championship. 


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