5th and 10 : Thoughts from my Couch Week 9


What happens when you have a mildly entertaining NFL Blog that nobody knew they needed? What happens when you throw in a little football knowledge and mix in a whole lot of sarcasm? What happens when you are 8 weeks into the NFL season and you still have a placeholder title for your sarcastic mildly entertaining blog? The answer…People expect more. So this week we are unveiling the new title to go along with the 10 things you should know.

Who knows where we can go from here. Now that we have a real title the possibilities are endless. Maybe my grammar will improve? (ain’t happening). Maybe I will stop giving such terrible betting advice? (odds are against it) Maybe I won’t talk about my beloved Broncos as much? (nope). Ok, well maybe we will just be the same little blog with a fancy new title. You’ve made it with me this far; let’s keep it going.

As always, here is what I’m looking for heading into Week 9;


  • Blimey! Those games are rubbish! Continuing a long-standing tradition of having terrible games over in London the Chiefs destroyed the Lions early Sunday morning. Is this going to start another war? The Jaguars signed a deal to play in London until 2020, but is there a provision that if they are good next year they aren’t allowed to go. Can we throw the Brits a bone a move the Packer vs. Panthers game this week to London? Crikey!


  • Real Life Fantasy. With younger GM’s that have grown up playing fantasy football all over the league now. I think we will begin to see a trend of more trades happening at the trade deadline. We had a nice start yesterday with the Broncos acquiring Vernon Davis. With rumors swirling about players such as Matt Forte, Joe Thomas and even Calvin Johnson, we could see major power shifts before todays deadline. I love it.


  • Final Four. The Broncos, Patriots, Panthers and Bengals all remained unbeaten. The Bengals survived the return of Big Ben and Andy Dalton returning to his old ways. The Panthers survived the rain and a frisky Colts team. The Broncos and Patriots looked dominant and are on a collision course for their Week 12 matchup. If both teams are still undefeated that could be one of the most highly anticipated regular season games ever.


  • Rookie mode. The Saints vs. Giants game reminded me of playing Madden when I was a kid on the easiest level and being able to do whatever you want. It was just silly the numbers that Brees and Manning were able to put up. Great for fantasy, not great football.


  • Fine Line. The Titans lost to the Houston Texans who are considered one of the worst teams in the NFL. The funny part is that the 3-5 Texans are now in first place. If the Titans had won they would be battling for first with the rest of the division. Instead, they are 1-6 and fired coach Ken Wisenhunt today. Prediction time: the 7-9 Jaguars will win the AFC South.


  • Which way to the gym? Another week of terrible injuries to big stars. Lev Bell, Cameron Wake, Steve Smith and about half of the Chargers were injured on Sunday. I really think that the players have become too big, too fast, and too strong for their own good. The muscles don’t seem so be able the torque that these guys are putting on their bodies. If they’d like, I can show the NFL how to achieve ultimate dad bod status and this won’t happen anymore.


  • Something Special. ESPN decided to shut down Grantland the other day. Grantland was different. It wasn’t talking heads just trying to get headlines. It was really interesting articles about sports and pop culture. For NFL fans, Robert Mays and Bill Barnwell were entertaining and insightful. I can’t wait to see what they do next. If you haven’t done so already, check out the post by Caleb Sarvis on our blog for an excellent view on Grantland. http://benchpointsblog.com/2015/10/31/on-grantland-collective-and-influence/


  • There can only be one. Apparently, there can only be good NFL team in the Bay Area. Recently the 49ers have been to multiple NFC championship games and appeared in a Super Bowl. The Raiders have been one of the worst franchises in sports. Everything has flipped. The Raiders are battling for a playoff spot with a few great young players, while the 49ers think it’s a good idea to start Blaine Gabbert this weekend. Cut to every Jaguars fan laughing hysterically.


  • Matchup of the Week: Green Bay @ Carolina. Can the Packers bounce back from their beat down in Denver? Can the Panthers keep this amazing streak going? Why am I asking so many questions? This will be another interesting matchup between the Green Bay offense and the Carolina defense. This game could determine home field advantage in the playoffs.


  • Three team parlay: Atl -6.5, Chi +3.5, Wash +14. Welp we lost again last week. We didn’t realize just how bad the Lions were. But keep hope alive, I talked to my travel agent and she said this is our week!



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