Sprint Option: Week 9

This weekend had a pretty good slate of games, but they simply served as the complimentary bread basket to tide us over until the entrees arrive next weekend, November 7. We had some exciting football (and some awful football) this weekend, and, thanks to the PR gold mine that comes with having Halloween on a Saturday, not many teams were idle this week. I went 7-4 on my picks this week, which is great considering I went 0-3 on Thursday. Side note: I will not be picking more than one Thursday night game going forward. Short weeks suck, and it’s just unpredictable. That, and I got them all wrong. All of them. That’s just embarrassing. 

Pro tip: never fill up on bread.

Let’s get to the option.

Florida’s offense fails to really get anything going, defense devours Georgia, team still wins by 27…

The Gators on offense looked abysmal. Harris couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat most of the game. Throws were regularly too high, too far behind, or way out in front of his receivers. Harris only had the completions that he did because of athletic plays by the Gator receivers. Saving the Antonio Callaway touchdown pass, there wasn’t much positive to say about Treon Harris, the passer. As inept as Florida’s QB was, he had nothing on the awful play of Faton Bauta, Georgia’s starter who was starting his first game for the Bulldogs, despite being with the team since 2012. That’s not a good sign. Moreover, his first pull was Florida’s stingy and vicious defense led by players like Vernon Hargreaves III and Jon Bullard. Florida’s defense smothered Georgia and held them to only a field goal. Key turnovers in Gator territory kept the Bulldogs to only three points–which were earned after a turnover by the Gators deep in UF territory. With the win, Florida can clench the SEC East with a win over Vanderbilt next week.

Miami scores a Touchdown on a final play fraught with controversy and poor officiating in the most Miami walk-off win ever…

So, Duke was down 24-12 in the middle of the fourth. Then, they scored a couple of touchdowns to take the lead, the second of which occurred with roughly six seconds left in the game. The game was virtually in the bag. All that Duke needed to do was prevent a kickoff return for a touchdown. Then, Miami began to lateral the football. The officials missed a player’s knee being down. Play continued. The officials missed a block in the back by Miami at their own 15 yard line. Play continued. Duke still had not managed to tackle the football. The officials called a block in the back. Miami breaks free, has a random player run on the field, and scores. The play is reviewed and the officials found nothing wrong and indicated that the flag was reversed by replay! Miami wins in the most controversial game of the year. The officials should be glad that they didn’t blow this game at a football school. 

Ohio State gets dealt its first loss, on a week they didn’t play football…

 J.T. Barrett was suspended for essentially DUI. He is out for the next game against Minnesota. This made it into the sprint option because of Urban Meyer blowing sunshine on The O’reilly Factor about how he wouldn’t have let Winston slide for his crimes against shellfish. If you haven’t seen Clay Travis eviscerate Urban Meyer’s hypocrisy, I’ve linked the tweet. Watch the segment. It’s fantastic. 

Minnesota implodes on horrendous clock management and a poor guts/glory decision…

So, what the hell is wrong with coaches? The lousy clock management virus has hit pandemic status. Butch Jones is still the worst, but Minnesota’s interim head coach was working hard to take the crown away. A Gopher WR was down at the one yard line and in bounds with about 20 seconds to go. After the review, the clock started on the ready whistle. Time just ticked away until on Minnesota until they finally threw the ball away, leaving :02 on the clock. Then, inexplicably, Minnesota decided to go for the winning touchdown while down 3 points in a game they where they had been outplaying Michigan. They had a great chance to beat the Wolverines in overtime. Instead, they ran an unimaginative QB dive and got stuffed by Michigan’s defense. Time expired and the Gophers lost. It was like watching a 10 year old play Madden. 

Georgia Tech gets run over by UVA in a hangover game…

There was going to be letdown following the Miracle on Techwood and Tech could not have gotten a worse team to play than Virginia in Charlottesville. Georgia Tech and Virginia have played every year for the past 25 (at least). The Jackets can count on one shop teacher’s hand how many wins they have in Charlottesville. They just can’t win there. Couple that with the emotional let down and the fact that Tech was favored and you have a disaster for the Jackets. They failed to execute and the defense couldn’t do much. They played poorly from start to finish. Now, they have to win out to go to a bowl. Unlikely. 

Brian Kelly attacks a coach, ND wins, no one cares…

Why don’t we care?! He is straight attacking a guy and all we care about is how pathetic ACC officials are. 

Temple gave Notre Dame the business and deserved a win over the Irish. A great interception by Notre Dame’s defense on the final drive sealed it. The game was well played, but it was futile at times and showed why the Irish don’t really deserve to make the playoff. But, they play Stanford at the end of the season and if they win that, I doubt they’ll be kept out. The hot air of the Notre Dame fanbase will keep them propped up until then. 

Clemson pulls away from NC State late, spoils upset bid…

Clemson ended up cruising and winning comfortably over the Wolfpack. Dabo wants us to stop using the word Clemsoning, which is fine, provided they beat FSU next week. The Tigers are poised to cruise to the playoff if they win out and only FSU stands in their way. They avoided a trap game with NC State, they get another against FSU next weekend. We’ll see if they have the chops down the stretch. But, let’s be clear, this Tiger defense allowed the Wolfpack to hang 41 on them. FSU’s offense is more capable. Next weekend should be interesting. 

Oklahoma State beats Texas Tech in a shootout, looks ready for TCU…

This game was a Big XII special: four and a half hour game in which no defense was played. I kid, I don’t know how long the game was, but I do know that defense was not played. This game went final with a 70 to 53 score, and became the highest scoring game this season. People, that’s a college basketball score! Oklahoma State looked incredibly organized and executed very well against the Red Raiders. Next week, Pistol Pete (God, he’s creepy) plays host to the Golden Child of TCU. I think the Cowboys beat the Frogs. But, it’ll be a barn burner and you just never know with the Big XII. 


Oklahoma will beat TCU and Baylor back to back and will make the College Football Playoff. TCU will finish the season with 3 losses. 


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