NFL-What we’re Watching- Week 8


Where has time gone? We are getting ready to talk about Week 8 already? This season has had some unexpected twists and turns. We know some things for sure. We know that Andy Dalton has never played better. We know that nobody wants to win the AFC South. We know that every week keeps getting better and better.

Check out our new podcast coming out today. One of the topics we discuss is NFL Parody. The NFL is very top heavy this year. All the undefeated teams look good. There are a few teams like the Jets, Cardinals and Steelers that look decent. And then after that, it gets ugly quick. It’s an unusual year so far. But in 11 weeks, when we are heading into the playoffs, we’ll realize that we didn’t know anything. We know that for sure.

As always, here is what we are watching for heading into Week 8:


  • Don’t Call it a Comeback! As the great philosopher LL Cool J once said, don’t call it a comeback because he was never gone. The same can be said for the Washington Redskins. When they were down 24-7 at halftime to the mighty Tampa Bay Buccaneers and it looked like the Redskins season might be over. But Kurt Cousins wouldn’t let that happen. In an amazing comeback the Redskins might have saved their season and just might win the NFC East. You like that! You like that!


  • Belichick or Campbell? Who is the greatest coach ever? Dan Campbell is undefeated. His Dolphins have destroyed teams the last two weeks. Miami was up 35-0 before Houston gained their 1st yard on Sunday! This Thursday we get to decide this once and for all. Belichick vs. Campbell, who will be the greatest?


  • Online Dating. For you millions of fans that have been reading this blog since the beginning of the season, you know that I love the RedZone channel. The RedZone channel and I have been together for many years and couldn’t be happier. But when the NFL broadcast the Jags vs. Bills game online, the most amazing thing happened. The NFL didn’t take a commercial break after each score, kickoff, punt, or turnover! The game flowed so much better and was much more enjoyable to watch. I may have a little crush on online broadcasts.


  • 6-0 so good. The Pats and Panthers were able to make it an NFL record 5 undefeated teams this late into the season. While there haven’t been too many marquee wins for these teams yet, that is about to change. The Patriots play the Broncos and the Panthers. The Packers play the Broncos and Panthers in their next two games! The Broncos play the Packers, Patriots and Bengals. I think the 2007 Patriots record is safe.


  • Just Leave Already. This seems to be what every San Diego fan is saying to their Chargers. For the second home game in a row, the stadium was filled with opponent’s fans. The team played like it doesn’t want to be there in the first half. I wouldn’t be surprised if Philip Rivers channels his inner Ron Burgundy by running away and drinking some milk.


  • Secret Weapon Destroyed. For those of you like me that thought they were so clever by getting Arian Foster late in their fantasy draft assuming correctly that he would come back from his groin injury and be awesome. It was a good plan for about three weeks. Foster tore his Achilles and is the latest on the list of superstar injuries this season. Sad.


  • Hillbilly Pride. The Detroit Lions have promoted Jim Bob Cooter as their offensive coordinator. I don’t think this will turn their season around, but I love his name! While I have never seen a picture of Mr. Cooter, it will be amazing if he coaches on Sunday wearing overalls, no shirt, no shoes, and plucks a banjo while calling plays.


  • Loving Life. The World Series and the NBA season starts tonight and it got me thinking of which city is having the best sports life right now. This is based on how their baseball team did, how their football team is doing, and the expectations for their basketball team. This is very scientific and I spent a whole two minutes researching. And the winner is…Houston! Astros were a great story, the Rockets should be awesome, and I bet Texans fans are looking forward to having the #1 pick in the draft.


  • Match up of the Week: Green Bay @ Denver. Only the forth time two undefeated teams have met this late in the season. Green Bay is dealing with injuries; Denver is dealing with Peyton Manning. Will be great to watch Aaron Rodgers against the Denver defense.


Three Team Parlay. Det +6, Giants +3.5, and Den +3.5. Three underdogs because at this point we are the underdog. Another losing week for us last week. But don’t worry; I asked the lady at the grocery store, this is our week!



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