NFL – What we’re Watching – Week 7


Big weekend in the Johnson household. My daughter went to her first football game! She had a great time. She loved all the clapping and yelling. She really loved doing the D – Fense! The Jags must not of heard her. They made DeAndre Hopkins look unstoppable. Which he might be. Can you imagine if he had a real quarterback throwing to him? Unfortunately it is a Texan tradition to not have good QBs.


If you ask my daughter what her favorite part of the game was she would say popcorn. If you ask her who won the game she will say the Jaguars. But that’s ok; I think we have a little football fan now. And that makes me smile.


The Jags are in London this Sunday. We will be having Tea and crumpets while watching the game. Now if someone will just tell me what crumpets are?


As always, here is what I’m watching for heading into Week 7;


  • Mark Sanchez Rejoices! The happiest man in the league this weekend is Mark Sanchez. People are no longer talking about the Butt Fumble as the dumbest play in recent memory. Thanks to the Colts and their terrible fake punt, Mr. Sanchez is off the hook. There was a zero percent chance of that play working. And it came when the Colts were still in the game. The Butt Fumble happened when the Jets were being blown out. Congrats Sanchise!


  • A Polite FU. The Colts – Pats game was a lot closer than most people thought. While neither team played particularly well, it seems like New England took their foot off the gas in the second half and coasted to a victory. My theory is that everyone thought the Patriots were going to blow the Colts out ,so Belichick couldn’t help himself. He loves to go against the grain in every way. So he gave a polite FU to all the gamblers out there who thought they knew what he was going to do.


  • 2nd greatest Landry. If you are my dad’s age when you hear the name Landry you think of the great Dallas Cowboys football coach. While he was great, it is a known fact that the greatest Landry in human history is Landry Clarke from Dillon, Texas. Who could forget his game winning field goal, or his amazing band that had a gig one time. But now Landry Jones is fighting for the number two spot and got off to a great start by somehow beating the Arizona Cardinals? I think Mr. Jones knows if you have clear eyes and a full heart, you can’t lose.


  • Undefeated Bye Week. In a weird scheduling quirk, three 6-0 teams have a bye week in week 7. With Green Bay, Cincinnati, and Denver off, the games that are being played don’t look too great on paper. But we know better than that, we’ll still be watching all 16 hours on Sunday! In a related note, the Raiders somehow lost during their bye week.


  • Insert Rodney Dangerfield Pun here. It’s time to give the Panthers some respect! Everyone thought they were undefeated because of a weak schedule. Everyone kept pointing out that they don’t have any wide receivers. But they handled their business in Seattle. And now sit all alone in first place in the NFC South. Very interesting matchup coming up with the Eagles.


  • He did it again! Philip Rivers had a great game in Green Bay, throwing for over 500 yards. But that’s not what I’m talking about, we’re used to Rivers having great games. I was shocked to find out the River’s family is expecting their eighth child any day now! Is it just me or does he have a kid every three months? I think it’s awesome and I can’t wait for 14-18 years from now when every team in the ACC has a Rivers at QB.


  • Hit em’ in a bad spot. There was a case of the dropsies going around the league on Sunday. Demaryius Thomas, Randall Cobb and Steve Smith were just a few of the receivers that dropped easy catches on Sunday. It would be great if the dropsies caused receivers that weren’t on my fantasy team to drop the ball, but I’m just lucky I guess.


  • Nerd Alert! How many people watched the Monday Night Football Game just to see the new Star Wars trailer? It looks pretty great. I’m guessing tickets are already sold out until February, so my wife is in store for a nerdy Valentines Day date!


  • Matchup of the Week: New York Jets @ New England Patriots. The Jets defense is incredible and the Pats offense is unstoppable. I’m sorry, I feel like I put the Patriots in the matchup of the week all the time. But like I said, the games just don’t look great this week. Plus the FU tour is just awesome!


  • Three team Parley: Rams -5, Dolphins -4.5, and Redskins -4. Well, we went back to our losing ways again last week. You could do like my friends do when we go to Vegas for March Madness, and just bet the opposite of me. But you don’t want to do that because this is our week!

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