NBA Western Conference Preview: Bubble Teams



Bubble Teams: As always, the Western Conference is stacked with Championship Contenders. I think any of the top seven teams could win it all this year. With that said, I think any of the other eight teams could make the playoffs with the eighth seed. Also, any of these eight teams could make the playoffs easily if they played in the Least, sorry the East. So I’m going to cheat a bit and give you a scenario for all seven teams in which everything goes right and they earn the eighth seed or everything goes wrong and finish dead last in the West.


Sacramento Kings                      8th seed – DeMarcus Cousins behaves, becomes a 25pts/12 reb player. Cousins along with Willie Cauley-Stein block anyone who even tries to come into the paint. Rajon Rondo actually tries to be good again.

Last Place – DeMarcus demands a trade. The team goes through 3 more coaches. Rondo plays like he has the last two years.


Los Angeles Lakers                    8th seed – Kobe, D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, and Jordan Clarkson gel together quickly to become the modern version of ShowTime.

Last Place – They don’t invent a time machine and Kobe is actually forced to play on his 37 year old knees. Byron Scott remains their coach.


Dallas Mavericks                        8th seed – Dirk and Deron Williams find the energy for one more good year. Wesley Matthews comes back from his torn Achilles. Chandler Parsons puts his modeling career on hold to make some baskets.

Last Place – Mark Cuban tapes too many episodes of Shark Tank, forgets to pay the players, they revolt and stop coming to the games.


Minnesota Timberwolves       8th seed – Wiggins becomes Tracy McGrady 2.0, Karl Anthony-Towns is legit, Rubio learns how to shoot, The NBA raises the rims to 15ft high where only Zach LaVine can reach

Last Place – 39 year old Kevin Garnett starts at center and yells at the young stars so much he destroys their confidence. This might actually happen.


Denver Nuggets                           8th Seed – New coach brings a new culture in which the players actually try hard, Mudiay is the next John Wall, all three European 7 footers become best friends and get their own reality show

Last Place – Brian Shaw comes back to coach the team and the three European 7 footers take advantage of Colorado’s weed laws and start their own reggae band.


Portland Trail Blazers             8th Seed – Damien Lillard becomes Isaiah Thomas 2.0, Chris Kaman, Meyers Leonard, and Mason Plumlee all play at the same time blinding opponents with their whiteness leading to easy layups.

Last Place – Chris Kamen, Meyers Leonard, and Mason Plumlee are arrested for blinding people and this team becomes the modern version of the Jail Blazers.


Phoenix Suns                                8th Seed – John Calipari leaves Kentucky and comes to coach the team that is made up all his former players. Markieff Morris plays out of his mind because he is so mad about being separated from his brother.

Last Place – John Calipari leaves Kentucky and comes to coach the team but breaks every NBA rule and commissioner Silver is forced to forfeit all the teams’ games. Calipari sneaks out the back door and takes another job.




Everyday this week Caleb will be breaking down the Eastern Conference and I will be breaking down the Western Conference. We will have you ready for what is sure to be a fun NBA season.



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