Stop Comparing Will Grier to Jameis Winston

This graphic: so much no. Harsh truth time. 

As I made clear in my post earlier this week, Will Grier deserves his suspension if indeed his second sample also pops positive–I have no expectations that the result will be anything other than a confirmed positive test. Will Grier will miss a calendar year, but by all accounts will not be penalized with an extra lost year of eligibility. Obviously, if you are a Florida fan, as I am, you are upset by this news since Grier is the X Factor in Florida’s revitalized offense. You are permitted to be upset, what is not allowed is group stupidity. Hating the severity and lack of standardization in the NCAA drug model is an example of the former; comparing Winston and Grier on the sole basis of length of suspension is very much the latter.

Before I start talking about Jameis Winston, please understand that this is not an analysis of the timeline of his circumstances at Florida State. I am pointing out his challenges for illustration purposes. 

Winston’s main dark cloud during his tenure as the Seminoles’ quarterback was obviously the protracted rape investigation and the proceedings, out of which no discipline was handed down by either FSU or the NCAA. In addition, Winston was cited for shoplifting shellfish from a Tallahassee Publix. He was suspended by FSU for a period of time but not the NCAA for this crime. Winston later yelled a vulgar phrase in a crowded student mess hall at Florida State. FSU suspended him for one game. The NCAA handed down no further punishment for this action either. 

So, a one game suspension in football and a period suspension in baseball from FSU precipitated from the entirety of Winston’s questionable off-field decision making. Right or wrong, that’s what happened. He was neither investigated nor tested by the NCAA for any of his related actions as they were beyond the scope of the NCAA’s purview. 

Will Grier tested positive for a banned substance on an NCAA drug test–enough with the “he took it to get over the flu argument,” do you know how ridiculous you sound? Yes, schools often conduct their own tests in order to remain compliant, but the penalties for positive tests there are decidedly less severe–had Florida caught him for PEDs, Grier would have been suspended for half a season. Call the NCAA’s punishment framework draconian if you like, I certainly do. But, competitive fairness is completely within the scope of the NCAA’s powers, and drug testing is designed to ensure fairness. It boils down to a simple formula: Athlete + Cheating = Banned. 

The NCAA does not discriminate on substance either. Mitch McGary for Michigan basketball popped positive for marijuana on an NCAA test–you know, the same drug that gets countless athletes suspended for one game when the schools catch them–and McGary was handed the same punishment as Grier, one calendar year of no collegiate competition. McGary basically told the NCAA to pound sand and went pro instead, that option is not available to Will Grier. 

The point is that Grier was tested by the NCAA and punished according to the scope of the NCAA’s powers, which are basically used to regulate competition. Winston was not punished by the NCAA in any fashion because nothing he did fell within the scope of college football’s regulator. That’s why comparing Grier’s “honest mistake” to embattled Winston is a false equivalency. The NCAA had nothing to do with the punishment or lack thereof for Jameis, so stop acting like they’re related. They’re not. 

Now, for those who would ask the NCAA get more involved in the non-competition issues, I have one thing to say to you: HELL. NO. If the NCAA were to begin attempting to regulate athlete behavior and conduct, we would see college football become the same circus as the NFL, except this time the players have negligible rights and resources. If the NCAA took over adjudication of athlete conduct, we would find ourselves squaring the blame on the NCAA instead of the school, coach, or athlete. 

Look at what’s happened in the NFL. Whenever a player does something stupid and gets punished, we blame Goodell. We at least still blame the player and the school in college sports. And we should! It’s the player’s fault for committing a crime or breaking a team rule, and it’s the school’s fault when they don’t hold the athlete accountable. Schools by and large have extensive disciplinary guidelines for violations, e.g. you smoke weed, you’re suspended for a game. 

Schools are actually better equipped than the NCAA to mete out discipline as they are far less removed than a sluggish rule making body. Additionally, the NCAA doesn’t have the manpower or resources to oversee every single aspect of the lives of student-athletes. Finally, schools have graduated discipline guidelines, whereas the NCAA is one speed: banhammer. The NCAA should supervise the disciplinary decisions of its member institutions, but the number of cases it should be able to directly discipline ought to be incredibly small. Thankfully, it is. 

So, let’s give it a rest. Let’s stop comparing two circumstances that are, quite frankly, incomparable. If Winston had gotten caught doing anything to directly impact the equity of the game on the field, then he would have been hammered with a major suspension. Feel free to roil and complain that Grier’s suspension is too severe, but please don’t compare them. 

You’ll just look ridiculous if you do. 


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  1. The butthurt on this one registers 11 on a scale of 10. Por favor, please include Florida’s now starting QB, Treon Harris: accused of rape, rape charges suspiciously dropped (the accuser was either paid off or scared), driving without a license – cops found marijuana in Treon’s car, Treon denied it – no charges. Treon Harris tested positive for marijuana use this season, only suspended 1 game. Yes, UF, the Harvard of the South, the most moral football town in America. Wasn’t there an article about the number of football arrests in Gainesville? Oh here it is: Also 2008 UF National Champions? 34% of that football team had been arrested. Hello Aaron Hernandez.


  2. Lol at the article. “Let’s not compare Will Grier to Jameis Winston” ……. “but let me do that myself and let me start with this ridiculous graphic.” You can’t give credibility to an article this stupid when they share a graphic so stupid to begin with. No, they are not comparable, but the implication of the idiot “gator fan” writer is that Jameis should’ve been punished more and Willy boy less.

    Yes, Jameis should’ve been kicked off the football team because he yelled a stupid meme phrase that got posted all over twitter. We all know football players NEVER say anything degrading or cuss on or off the football field. I believe the NCAA should ban all college football players if a phrase gets viral on Twitter and upsets the American public, especially big time fans of other college football teams.

    Yes, Jameis should’ve gotten kicked off the football team because he got an adult civil citation for a first time, minor misdemeanor of not paying for $30 of crab legs (not shellfish), of which never showed up on his records because he did community time. We all know famous football players never have friends who try to “hook them up.” He was promised free food hookup and some other reported him. Totally unheard of.

    Yes, Jameis should’ve gotten kicked off the football team because he “played under a veil of serious sexual allegations, even though he was never charged, even though he was found not responsible and not enough evidence 3 separate times …. even though the accuser did nothing with cooperating for several months and didn’t file until a year later.

    Yes, Jameis should’ve gotten kicked off the football team because “The civil results of which are still pending.” It was never about money to begin with right? False accusations against big money, superstars never happen right? Oh wait, Jameis didn’t have any money in college, which is why civil trial didn’t start until he went to the NFL. Oh wait, Jameis, wasn’t even heard of or known of in December 2012 when the alleged sexual assault happened, which is why accusations got really heated when he was on TV a lot.

    Yes, OP, let’s not compare Jameis to Will Grier. It’s not the same. OP shouldn’t even compare Will Grier to Treon Harris, it’s not like Treon was ever accused of rape either … or punished for marijuana.

    Let’s not compare, but let’s compare, and let’s share silly graphics. Makes perfect sense.


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