NFL – What We’re Watching – Week 6


I’ve been saying for years now that the best half hour on television is 3:30pm-4:00pmET on Sunday afternoon. When you are watching the RedZone channel and they are frantically taking you from game to game, trying to keep up with all the potential game winning drives, it’s hard to take a step back and appreciate how fun each Sunday is.


This past Sunday we were given high scoring games that were great for fantasy football, close games that were take your breath away exciting, and a lot of the favorites won which is great for gambling purposes. When the three overtime games finished to complete the set of early games, I couldn’t help but smile because this season keeps getting better.


As always, here is what I’m watching for going into week 6:


  1. Free Football. We had three great games go to overtime. The Falcons stay undefeated with a pick 6 to end the game. The Bengals complete their comeback to knock off the Seahawks and remain undefeated as well. And the Browns were able to beat the struggling Ravens. Big wins for all three teams, but more importantly, we were able to extend the best half hour of television to the best 45 minutes because of these great games.


  1. They’re real, and they’re spectacular! That’s for all you Seinfeld fans out there. I’m talking about Devonta Freeman, Josh McCown, Gary Barnidge, and Deon Lewis for Fantasy owners. You picked up any or all these guys off the wavier wire and they might win you your league. These four have now put up big time stats for long enough that you don’t have to feel bad about using them to replace early round busts. I’m sad to say, I didn’t buy in early enough to grab any of these four. Newman!


  1. Great Divide. There is an obvious top tier of teams this year. New England, Green Bay, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Denver, and Arizona are better than everyone else at football. That comes in handy in the NFL. The Jets, Panthers, Giants, Colts and Seahawks could join this group but all seem to have fatal flaws that will eventually hold them back. You could see some divisions clinched very early. It will be interesting to see how different teams handle resting players.


  1. Here we go again! We here at the BenchPoints blog are based in Jacksonville, FL. While I am not a Jags fan, many of my friends are. They are dying for a quality team. While the team has made improvements under Gus Bradley, it’s looking like another long year here in Duval County. After blowing the Colts game last week they made Doug Martin look like the Muscle Hamster again. I think the Colts loss was devastating for the team. On the bright side, Blake Bortles is looking good. I think they found their franchise QB.


  1. Best and Worst? The Denver Broncos have the best defense in the NFL and the worst offense. You’ve been hearing me talk about the defense since the preseason. But how can their offense be so bad? Future Hall of Fame QB? Check. Two of the top receivers in the league? Check. Good young running backs? Check. Former all pro offensive lineman? Check. Giving Brian Johnson a heart attack every Sunday because we need our defense to score a TD to win the game? Check.


  1. Bench Peyton? Oh you thought the Broncos talk was over? Sorry, I can’t hold back this week. I’m scared to death that Peyton Manning is going to cost this all time great defense a Super Bowl. If Peyton’s throws look this weak and wobbly in the perfect weather, what are they going to look like in December or January? I hate to say it because he has been so amazing for Denver but he just doesn’t have it anymore. Brock Osweiler will be able to throw more than 10 yards down field which will help spread the defense out and help the running game. It’s terrible, but it’s best for the team.


  1. Cooler than you. Mike Tomlin is cooler than you. Don’t feel bad; he’s cooler than everyone. Coach Tomlin earned 34 more cool points last night by letting Lev Bell run in for the winning touchdown against San Diego with no time remaining and down by 3. Who does that? It worked out, and now Pittsburgh is just waiting for Big Ben to return so Coach Tomlin can look cool standing on the sidelines in the playoffs.


  1. Broken Dreams. It happened again. Another big star was lost for the season. Jamal Charles who had been one of the few bright spots for Kansas City this season tore his ACL. I think Chiefs fans could see they weren’t going anywhere this year, but fantasy owners are devastated. Hopefully you were able to pick up some of the guys we mentioned earlier. Maybe Cairo Santos can kick 10 field goals a game now?


  1. Matchup of the Week: New England @ Indianapolis. The FU Tour’s Super Bowl is here! Even though it was probably the Ravens who actually snitched on the Patriots. The Pats want to show the Colts they can beat them with any kind of ball. The Patriots will score 50 points in this game. An interesting twist on this game is if Andrew Luck comes back. They might not want to throw him to the wolves. Plus Matt Hasselbeck has been playing so well, they might just see what he can do. If Hasselbeck beats the Patriots this entire article will be about how I don’t know anything about football. Insert your own joke here.


  1. Three team parley of the week: Minnesota -3.5, New England -9, Denver -5. We won last week! Now that we are all rich, let’s keep it going. I asked my mailman, he said this is our week.

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