NFL – What We’re Watching – Week 5


For the first time this season we had a game in London. That game kicked off an exciting Sunday that didn’t have great matchups on paper, but provided plenty of entertainment for all 14 hours of football.

 I love the London Weeks. I love opening weekend when we have two Monday night games. And could there be a better day than Thanksgiving? Having a weekday off while eating and watching football all day! I love how the NFL keeps spreading the games out so we can watch more and more football. Can you believe we are basically a quarter through the season already?


As always, here’s what I’m watching for going into week five;


  1. Laces Out! Of the many life lessons we learned from Ace Ventura, it’s that kickers can be a little crazy. And something was in the air this weekend. If you are a Steelers, Jaguars, Browns, or Bucs fan, you’re sadly shaking your head right now. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Kansas City kicker Cairo Santos went 7-7 on his attempts. For those looking for help, it’s been 21 years since Ace locked up Lieutenant Einhorn. He/She could be available on parole soon.


  1. 40-year-Old Winner. As stated above the Jaguars had a golden opportunity to upset the Colts in our match up of the week. Missed field goals, penalties, and inconsistent play doomed Jacksonville from being able to take control of the AFC South. Matt Haselback stepped in for Andrew Luck and did just enough to win. When asked about the victory Matt said he was excited that the game finished early enough that he could still make it to Denny’s for an early bird dinner and make it home to watch a rerun of Blue Bloods.


  1. 13th man? We may be discovering the secret behind the Seahawks home field advantage. Not only is the crowd the loudest in the league, but the referees really want Seattle to win too! After the Fail Mary two years ago, last night we had KJ Wright push the ball out of bounds. This penalty should have given Detroit the ball with a 1st and Goal at the 1-yard line. Unfortunately the ref must have gotten some of his neon green face paint in his eye and said he didn’t see it. You may think that I’m making a big deal out of this because the Seahawks destroyed the Broncos in the Super Bowl. You’d be right.


  1. Stat Padder. Speaking of the Broncos. Their defense won another game for them on Sunday. Some people might call Denver’s next game a trap game against Oakland. Those people forget that Oakland head coach Jack Del Rio had already mentally checked out and was looking for jobs before getting severely out coached in the playoffs last year. I think Denver’s defense wants to show Del Rio what they can do. I’m predicting 10 sacks. I’m worried for Derek Carr.


  1. Who you calling a Girl? After a less than stellar game last week. Todd Gurley showed why there was so much hype around him during the draft this year. Arizona has a really good defense and he was running through them with no problems. Mr. Gurley had over 100 yards in the fourth quarter alone. For those of you who took a chance on him with your forth round pick in fantasy. Congrats, he’s a stud.


  1. Who’s laughing now? After fighting to have one team with a .500 record sneak into the playoffs last year. The NFC South was kind of a joke. But now they are the only division with two 4-0 teams. The Panthers still have a great defense led by Josh Norman and Cam Newton has been a one-man offense. The Falcons have looked like a completely new team under Dan Quinn. After getting lucky against the Giants. Atlanta has dominated the Cowboys and Texans.


  1. Fantasy MVP. We are only a quarter of the way through the season so our fantasy MVP doesn’t get a trophy. We’ll give them a really nice high five. If you drafted Julio Jones you are thrilled. But you probably got him in the second round. The most value has come from guys like Devonta Freeman, Larry Fitzgerald, and Tom Brady. Late round picks playing like first rounders. The Least Valuable player has been CJ Anderson who could go down as the biggest fantasy bust ever!


  1. 4 and 0 so close. The New York Giants should be 4-0. If they wouldn’t of blown 2 forth quarter leads in their first two games. But they did. The Giants don’t want to be too good. They want to sneak into the playoffs, get to the Super Bowl and ruin another undefeated season (Broncos or Pats). I can easily see them winning the NFC East this year.


  1. Matchup of the Week: Seattle @ Cincinnati. The Bengals have looked great. Andy Dalton has been playing very un-Dalton like. Seattle should be 1-3. A good test for both teams. I just hope Shawn Kemp, Eddie Vedder, and Frasier Crane aren’t the referees for the game.


  1. Three Team Parley of the Week: Den -5.5, Green Bay -10, New England -9.5. We lost our lunch money again last week. It wasn’t pretty. This week we are going to hope that the three best teams in football can win it back for us. Oh and don’t worry, I asked my mom, she said this is our week!

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